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Take Care Of Your skin in Cold Days

Autumn and winter are here. By changing the season and our nature our metabolism change too. One of the most important changing is skin changes. In this article, we want to warn you to Take Care Of Your skin in Cold Days. So read this article and follow the instructions.

Bu decreasing the temperature, we have to change the look of our skin according to the season’s changes, so that during the fall and winter we have a delicate skin. This article will introduce you to simple skin care and moisture and skin rejuvenation in the dry and cold days.



Daily homework

All experts suggest taking care of your skin every day. Daily skin care is determined by the skin type and the health level. So it is necessary to determine the type of skin before you choose cosmetics and cleanser. It is good to read and collect information about them.

Of course, dry or normal skin requires more moisture than fatty skin, and fatty skin will need products with less fat. But be sure to note that skin is of any kind, including Dry, regular or greasy, it certainly needs more water than other months during the dry and cold months of the year.

So don’t forget the rule that all of your cosmetics must be hydrate these days.


Also, try using less essential oil products because many people in these seasons are more sensitive to the rest of the year and may not respond well to perfume cosmetics.

With that mindset. Go to our daily skin care program!



The first step, clean your skin from any pollution

This is the first and foremost rule of skin care that should be observed in all seasons. But in cities where the volume of pollution is greater and more, it will definitely become more important. Increasing the volume of pollutants from the environment due to inversion can be very effective on your skin and contaminate it; do not overlook your skin after this season.

Try to use a cleanser without soap in winter and fall to not your skin dry. A gentle cleansing gel is the best detergent for your skin. Cleaning gel controls fine fat on your skin and cleans the remaining contaminations from your skin surface with care.


The second step is to use facial cleansers to cleanse the skin, especially if you have a makeup throughout the day. Facial cleansers can, in addition to perfectly cleansing your skin, reduce the pores of your skin from the residual of any type of cosmetics.

So if you are using makeup and cream that overalls throughout the day, be sure to use a good cleaner after washing your face.



Clean your skin deeply

Don’t forget that daily washing is not enough. You should clean your skin in addition to washing daily, once or twice a week, to remove contaminations that penetrate the lower layers of your skin.

To do this, there are two ways ahead; either use “Alfa-Hydroxy Acid” (AHA) mild spreaders or scrubbing. It is best to use FFA, the AHA, under the supervision of a doctor and with full skin care. But to use a variety of scrubs, there is no limit to choose except scrub suitable with your skin type.


We suggest you during winter and fall, choose scrubs that have more water supply than other types during the winter and autumn. Typically, scrubs containing almond oil, coconut, coffee, or cocoa are the most ideal type of scrub that cleans your skin from dead cells and contaminants.

In addition to hydrating the skin, it prevents the formation of blackheads and waxes and helps to whiten the face and make your skin more transparent.





The second step is moisture is the best!

OK! When skin cleansing is complete, it is time to give enough moisture to the skin. If we can not provide moisture to our skin, we will have dry, oily skin. Excessive dry skin will cause premature aging and early wrinkling.


By properly following your diet, you can also provide a vital part of your skin moisturizing. Drinking enough water and having a nutrient rich in fiber and vitamins is very effective in hydrating the skin.


In the dry season, we need to pay more attention to our water supply. The dry air, the environment and the use of heating appliances such as heaters, spontaneously make the home environment dry, and this will affect our skin very much.

So get started and go for a good hydration or moisturizer!



The third step is to apply a suitable sunscreen

An important point in skin care is the use of a good sunscreen of good quality. Choose a sunscreen according to your skin type and protect it against harmful sun rays throughout the day.

There are two important points about the usage of sunscreens. The first point is that using sunscreen is not just for hot and long days of summer. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is harmful to sunlight, this kind of radiation has nothing to do with ambient temperature and season. So experts advise sunblock to be cold in the winter when the air is colder.

Another point is if you are using strong scrubs or exfoliation cream you must use sunscreen too. Because exfoliation creams just clean a thin layer of your skin. In fact, your skin will be defatted against sun rays. If you do not use sunscreens, your skin may become dark or stinky. Do not forget, it’s best to renew your sunscreen every 1-2 hours.


By protecting your skin from harmful sun rays, your skin will become more colorful and clear. So never forget sunscreen.

Fortunately, there are many types of sunscreens available on the market that you can choose, depending on the budget and expectations of a suitable sunscreen. Sunscreen “SVR” is one of the most powerful types of sunscreens available on the market. This sunscreen is considered a good choice due to the strong sun protection and reasonable price as regards quality.



Last word

All the steps described above are the most basic and most important daily work you should do for your skin. Many people add other things to these steps. Use of a variety of toners, eye makeup remover, round eye cream, use of all kinds of face masks and fruit and…

According to your sensitivity and experts advises you can use other skin care cosmetics during a day. But it is good to know that it is suitable for any type of skin. Be sure Take Care Of Your skin in Cold Days and doing these levels don’t take your skin more than half an hour.

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