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Special And Healthy Foods For Smokers

However, smoking cessation for those who have been smoking for many years is hard and sometimes impossible. In this article, we want to introduce Special And Healthy Foods For Smokers.

According to the latest statistics, more than 20 million people in the country are smokers, of which between 8.5 and 10 million people know to be an addict to nicotine use.



Cigarette harms

Cigarette exposure people at risk for a variety of cancers, and the best way to get rid of the dangers of smoking is to quit, but researchers have never recommended smoking cessation to smokers because they believe they disrupt the body. And more than it is useful for the body, it encounters some kind of shock. In fact, in principle, people leave smoking.



Healthy diet

Adhering to a healthy diet and preventing harmful substances, adequate rest, drinking enough water daily and exercising can partly offset these shortcomings and reduce the harm caused by smoking. Meanwhile, reliance on vegetarian diets, reduce consumption of process, cooked and fried foods are one of the ciphers of reducing the incidence of cancers in smokers.



The diet for smokers

Healthy foods that researchers recommend smokers consist of fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and seafood, and whole grains.

Well, since the liver normally carries out the removal of toxic substances, it is important to maintain its health.



Vitamins and supplements

Consuming high levels of vitamins B, E and C, enriched with antioxidants, is one of the most nutritious foods that can help reduce the harmful effects of cigarettes. In other words, such nutrients reduce the damage to the lungs of smokers.

Along with these vitamins and nutrients, the use of multivitamins and a variety of vitamin B supplements that are essential for the body is also helpful. Consuming foods that are a combination of these nutrients and nutrients is a priority for smokers.






Vegetable diet

Cooking your food with a little oil, steaming or boiling, soups and drinking a variety of juices has a great effect on the health of smokers.

Reducing the amount of coffee and replacing it with green tea can be the best option for a binge.



Other consumption

The consuming of some substances such as tea and meat, especially red meat, due to urinating and acidifying the blood environment, increase the nicotine excretion and exacerbates the desire to smoke in smokers. Studies have shown that some compounds, especially vegetables, reduce the nicotine excretion due to the alkalization of the blood’s environment.




Dairy products (milk, yogurt, whey, dough) competitively prevent the absorption of heavy metals in smoking. Therefore, it recommended that smokers use more dairy products than normal people.

Having the right food pattern and diet involves consuming fruits and vegetables, legumes, white meat and chicken, low-fat dairy products, peanut seeds….



 Nutrition in quit smoking conditions

People who have stopped smoking need to follow special dietary recommendations to help prevent obesity after quitting. Given that after quitting smoking, individual appetite increases and body metabolism decreases. naturally calories are raised and individuals prone to overweight and obesity.


Many people believe that smoking after a meal helps digest it. Is this true?

No, smokers for justifying their conscience, they justify reasons that are not scientifically valid and are 100% false.


The last point

On the other hand, smokers consume more coffee and caffeine. Excessive consumption of coffee or caffeine causes many complications in the digestive system and cardiovascular system. In addition, these people have less sleep and are often mild. Tobacco seen to increase cardiovascular disease and increase the risk of developing a variety of cancers, especially lung cancer.

So it is better to consume Special And Healthy Foods For Smokers. If you have a right plan for fruit, vegetables, and meat consumption you can decrease the smoking and its disadvantages.

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