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Our Skin Also Needs To Breathe Definitely

Skin care is a treatment that you must notice if you are living in a busy town. Only one daily plan for your skin care can help your skin health and beauty. Our Skin Also Needs To Breathe Definitely so you must have the best plan for your skin. So, regardless of how late you are returning home from work, party or any other ceremony, before bed, the most important thing to do is to wash your face well. If you do not have a make-up on the face.

In the sequel to this article, we are going to mention some tips for protecting and protecting the skin so that you always have healthy and brilliant skin.



Try not to use soap

Often we use water alone or soap to clean the face. Facial rinse is not only water-insoluble and does not eliminate the substances and contaminants on the face. Soap, instead of deep cleansing of the skin that our face needs, only dry it, increase the pH level and do not remove all the cosmetics and germs of the face.


Use a face wash gel

After you return from a celebration or a family event, to protect the skin, you should clean your face before bed and completely clean your makeup. If the makeup stays on your face all night long, it will cause germs to accumulate on the skin. So get rid of your makeup before your sleep with the help of your skin cleansing gel.



Exfoliating your skin

Lamination is an important step that you should take to remove dead skin cells. In order to do this, we recommend using natural products or brands that specialize in the production of this product. Buy a peeling mask. Try to peel your skin at least twice a week.



Moisturize your skin

Moisturizing the skin before bed is a great habit that you should do every day. A suitable moisturizer helps to remove dead skin and, along with it, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin. Choose a moisturizing cream that is suitable for your skin type.

In addition to the skin, you should also take care of the under the eyes skin to prevent problems such as wrinkles and darkening. To do this, choose the appropriate eye cream around the eye and use it at your fingertips to blow away lightly around your eyes.


The benefits of washing your face, especially before bedtime. Because you allow your skin to breathe, the effectiveness of cosmetic products increases, the appearance of wrinkles is delayed, and ultimately your skin becomes brighter. In addition, the facial wash helps make your appearance look less tired and also get rid of acne and blackheads.

Protecting the skin and using a suitable cleaner will not only allow the skin to breathe but also stimulate cell re-growth and get rid of germs and facial bacteria.




Experts are only able to reveal many points about your health by looking at you. Yes, your skin, nails, and hair are important clues to the secret of the body.



These doctors are looking for what are the clues: red eyelids or around the eyelids

Eye and optometrist, Dr. Robert Abel, believe that sensitive tissue around the eyelid may appear swollen, red, or even mourning. The reason may be due to sensation or irritation and itching around the eyelid due to cosmetics such as mascara, eyeshadow or even shampoo.

Dietary allergies can also be the cause of high eyelid swelling. Determining which one causes inflation and other issues are of particular importance. He says redness and ocular secretions also trigger fluid changes in the cornea. In other words, your eyes are prone to burning and blurred vision.


Perhaps new cosmetic products are the triggers of the eyelids, but allergic reactions appear after several uses.

To treat this issue, at first, if you have sensitive skin, use sensitive skin products that often lack aromatics. Then remove all cosmetic products that are in direct contact with your eyes and try them out separately to find out which is harmful. Finally, if the evidence does not reveal anything, refer to the dermatologist.






These doctors are looking for what are the clues: nails are bled; red and rough skin

Dr. Georges Torkelson, a psychiatrist at Pittsburgh Clinic, says we look for anxiety symptoms in your skin and nails. Nail biting, also known as nail polish, can be as a result of stress, boredom, or even idealism.

Although anxiety does not directly cause skin problems, it can cause problems such as eczema and psoriasis, and even worse problems.



How psychiatrists can help?

Symptoms of stress that appear on the skin can be relieved by a dermatologist. Of course, psychiatrists can also help you treat roots and stress relief so that you do not have the same problems in the future.




What doctors are looking for are clues: unusual dry skin, thin hair or brittle nails

Endocrinologist, Professor Dr. Minisha believes that thyroid function, as a result of hyperthyroidism, is the cause of skin problems. External symptoms are abnormal thyroid, thin hair or fragile nails, while the prolific thyroid causes stiffness and dryness of the skin in the legs.


How endocrinologists can help?

If you suffer from dry skin and weight loss or weight gain, excessive fatigue and sleep disturbances simultaneously. It is better to consult your physician to check your thyroid gland activity by performing a blood test.



These doctors are looking for what are the clues: glossy, fine-grained shins, prickly wrists, blistering on the elbows, knees, knees, wrists, and scalp.


A gastroenterologist, Dr. Elizabeth Blaney, believes that such bouts and skin problems are associated with stomach ulcers in 44% of cases. Gastrointestinal specialists focus on two of the most common symptoms of gastrointestinal problems:

هInflammation of the skin, the red and shiny seeds that are caused by immune system reactions, and skin inflammation or pruritus that acts as a trigger for gluten.



The best treatment for this disease is to pay attention to the doctor’s diagnosis, if you are suffering from gastrointestinal disorders, you should follow a gluten-free diet so that the symptoms of the skin disappear.

Meanwhile, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs help you relieve pain and reddened skin, and antibiotic creams will relieve itching and gluten-induced inflammation.

At the end of all, if you conclude Our Skin Also Needs To Breathe Definitely it is better to clear your face and skin 15 minutes a day. If you continue this way, of course, you find the best conclusion in your face.

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