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History of skin care timeline

Skin Care - All Methods Plus Its History Timeline

Skin Care Throughout History


Skincare and history timeline provides prehistoric information. It flashes the time of cave people to protect themselves in severe climatic conditions. Of course, it is much interesting to know about skin care in ancient times beginning from Egyptians. Today, there are a lot of cosmetic varieties and innovations in this industry comparing to the past. Literally, the structure of prehistoric people was different from our skin. Since their skin coped with exposure of sun rays and weather conditions. Although their skin fought those conditions, the cave people knew that they need skin care.

The Ancient Civilizations in the history of esthetics skin care

Skincare in ancient times was a synonym to pain relief. The climatic conditions and sun exposure caused severe skin problems and pains. In addition, their ancient diet and food plans caused skin diseases. They mostly had an impact on acne and skin inflammation.

Natural resistance of human skin is really impressive. In nature, it contains several layers. As a result, it has elasticity feature. The largest part of the human body is the skin. It is greatly in contact with external conditions. To clarify, the sun exposure, heavy rains, skin cut during hunting and many environmental forces had a great impact on skin. As a result, these conditions made the skin weak. Some skin symptoms appeared such as wrinkles, acne, red or brown spots, cut, and change of color, pain, and inflammation. Therefore, the reason is clear now that skin care goes back to ancient time.

The history of skin care throughout ages indicate that skin remedies are the result of mankind performance in daily activities. For example jobs like working at the farms or on the ships in the sea needed skin care in throughout history. As you can imagine, these kinds of jobs needed remedies. The reason is performing the tasks needed to be done by exposing to severe conditions. So, workers applied skin care remedies for soothing the skin. In this way, they could perform their daily activities much easier.


When did skincare begin?

Skin Care - All Methods Plus Its History Timeline

The Time When Skin Care Began Its Importance


Actually, there is no trace to tell us when the exact timeline of skin care began in history. But many researchers have found some facts that show skincare goes back to thousands of years.

To our mind, skin care goes back to fifty years, while, it has existed throughout history for thousands of years in Ancient Egypt. Skincare meant beauty and hygiene in the timeline of history.



Egyptian history of skin care and cosmetics

Skin Care - All Methods Plus Its History Timeline

Egyptian Methods Of Skin Care And Beauty


Although the word “skin care” reminds us as a part of beautiful make-up, lotions, and moisturizers, it has been a routine care in years. Comparing to skin care, cosmetics has a longer history. Researchers found some evidence of cosmetics around 6000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. In the eyes of Egyptians, cosmetics was a daily routine for beauty and protection purposes from sun exposure and insects. Cosmetics also served their culture. Putting the beauty feature of cosmetics aside, we understand that ancient Egyptians used it for cultural purposes as well. For example, applying make-up and cosmetics was essential in mummification, burial ceremonies, and valuing their Gods and Goddesses.


In ancient Egyptian timeline history of skincare, there was no industry in cosmetics. As a result, Egyptian took advantage of natural elements for skin care products. The items, they used were what they could find from their surrounding environment. They collected olive oil, ostrich eggs, and dough, oils from herbs and plants, and milk.  Some of the best secrets of skin care in history come from Egyptians. We can name Aloe Vera, myrrh, and frankincense. These natural substances, especially frankincense, are very useful for skin. Egyptian believed that they are anti-inflammatory and anti-wrinkle.


Make-up was another purpose for using cosmetics for Ancient Egyptians. Makeup material was also different from now. It contained a variety of materials such as metal ore, copper, water, oil, animal fat, and beautiful stones. Smokey eye was famous in Ancient Egypt; they used kohl for this purpose. Although it was beautiful, kohl, unfortunately, was harmful because in its ingredients there was lead. Today, we found that lead is harmful especially if you use it over time. Additionally, Egyptians used Henna and a kind of red clay for lips, nails, cheeks and body skin.



Cosmetics and skin care history in Ancient Rome and Greece

Skin Care - All Methods Plus Its History Timeline

Ancient Methods Of Skin Care And Beauty In Rome And Greece


Except for Ancient Egypt, there were other places in the world that skin care and cosmetics existed and used.  “Cosmetics” stands for “cosmetae” in Ancient Rome. “cosmetae”  is the word for female slaves who made the natural beauty products at that time. Even though Greeks and Romans took advantage of Egyptians beauty ideas, they took a step forward beyond. Greeks and Romans considered skin care more importantly so that they spent long hours on their beauty care a day. The beauty maids removed hair on their master`s body and face in order to make them appear shiny and sleek. They also applied fragrant oils after the shower to give a better smoothness feeling in body and face. Most of the time, the oils and perfumes reached long distances by ships.



Natural Substances in Ancient Rome and Greece

Skin Care - All Methods Plus Its History Timeline

Natural Substances Used In Cosmetics Of Ancient Rome And Greece


Greeks and Romans also applied natural skin care on their skin. They applied natural substances for protection purposes of sun exposure and the damage it caused on the skin layers. Not only they used oils but also they took advantage of sands. They applied sands in order not to have tanned skin in the sun. Because, Greeks and Romans believed that tanned skin was low class and typically for the workers who were at the sun exposure, outside. They usually lightened their skin by using other substances like chalk. Greeks and Romans also had facial masks with the ingredients of eggs and starch. They believed these substances could tighten their skin and remove wrinkles plus rejuvenating their skin. Use of eggs and starch was widely applied in China as well.


Powders were also very popular. Women used powders on their face to get whiter skin complexion. They also took another step forward and took advantage of gels and lotions in order to have whiter skins more permanently.


A natural substance which is also useful today for whitening the skin is mushrooms. Ancient Greeks also made natural skincare treatments in the history of skin care timeline. They mixed fresh berries with milk. Then they applied it on their face. They also took the use of olives and olive oils in order to moisturize their skin. Finally, using milk or yogurt with honey was a solution for stopping the age effect on the face.



Skin Care History of Developments Timeline in Europe

Skin Care - All Methods Plus Its History Timeline

Developments Of Skin Care Products In Europe


Skincare started spreading around the world and it brought different methods and ingredients. It reached Europe and the Middle East with new substances. One of the first developed “cold creams” had natural ingredients such as rose oil, water, and beeswax. White skin kept its popularity in Europe and Europeans took a step forward in this regard. Whitening foundation changed in its ingredient, they used vinegar and lead.  In Elizabethan Era, this whitening foundation was very popular. In that Era, washing face and body was not a typical thing. As a result, all the layers of masks remained on the face and body. Therefore, piled-up layers made a pale complexion as much as possible.


Remaining of lead and vinegar on the face made doctors notice its side effects. They began to recommend another substance instead of lead. They introduced alum. Contrary to lead harmfulness, many women kept using lead-based cosmetics. Until the time that Food and Drug Administration was created, in 1906.


A common purpose of cosmetics across history timeline of skin care was finding solutions for freckles, irritation, the sun exposure effects, and white complexion. During that time around the 1800s, cosmetics could fulfill these purposes plus solutions for removing pimples and eczema. But in the 20th century, the purposes of cosmetics and skin care expanded by cleansing and clearing so that anti-aging solutions provide more youthful complexion.



Evolution of Skin Care in History Timeline

Skin Care - All Methods Plus Its History Timeline

Evolving Cosmetics And Beauty Products


Nowadays, skin care products are of great varieties and purposes. Mostly used products today are moisturizers, cleansers, serums, oils, toners, masks, sunscreens, professional treatments. Comparing to the past that there were fewer products, scientific and technological advances help the product varieties. Today, we can take advantage of tools and technological developments in order to cure skin diseases and find solutions for skin concerns. Take a look at recent history timeline of skin care in order to focus on the advancements of the 20th century.



Revolution in Skin Care History Timeline

Skin Care - All Methods Plus Its History Timeline

Revolution Of Beauty Products


By French Revolution and hatred of people against artificial make-ups on the face, everything changed in cosmetic products. In this era, especially by the industrial revolution, people around the world chose natural substances again to achieve real beauty. For example, they used ingredients like egg yolks, honey, and oatmeal and lemon juice. In this way, they could have natural light skin. It is worth mentioning that fair complexion was still more popular than tanned skin.



Early Modern Period of Skincare History Timeline

Skin Care - All Methods Plus Its History Timeline

Modern Days And Cosmetics


In the early modern era, Skincare products began to get similar to what we have today. Multi-purposes products began to appear in various formulations and the best effects in the 20th century.  Advancing production lines in the cosmetics industry made it possible for all class of the society to use soaps. But the quality of soaps was so harsh on skin that is why many ladies still used “cold creams” to clean their face and body. Before wearing make-up, ladies used some homemade substances such as Tonics and serums. They made them with natural beeswax, mineral oil, water, and borax. They applied Oily creams in order to fill the wrinkle parts of their skin.



Scientific Skincare in the Modern World Today

Skin Care - All Methods Plus Its History Timeline

Scientific Methods Of Beauty


Changes of this era and recognition of hazardous substances for skin helped to advance the cosmetics industry. Recent studies indicate that using natural and organic substances in cosmetics products will be much effective in beauty and health. Nowadays, you can find the best-formulated products in accordance with your skin type and needed effectiveness with matched properties. Here, we discuss some products and related issues with skincare.



Sunscreen and Skin Care

Skin Care - All Methods Plus Its History Timeline

Impact Of Sunscreen Against Sun Rays


Although the inventor of sunscreen is under discussion, studies on the history of skin care and sunscreen indicate hazardous effects of sun rays on the skin. Doctors recommend applying sunscreen on a daily basis. Especially, they approve the products consisting of several ingredients helping avoid reaching Ultraviolet radiation on skin. Recent studies show that there are two types of Ultraviolet radiation, UVA and UVB. Both types play an important role in the risk of skin cancer. Though applying suitable sunscreens in order to protect against harmful sun rays is really paramount.



Safe Cosmetic Products and Skin Care

Skin Care - All Methods Plus Its History Timeline

Lawful And Safe Beauty Products

By the establishment of the Food and Drug Administration, the articles and rules for cosmetics began to pave the way for healthier beauty products. Before the foundation of Food and Drug Administration, cosmetic products had toxic materials in their ingredients. These toxic substances caused death, loss of movement and sight for many women in history. Many activists in the cosmetic industry fought for the right of having safe products and they could end the old industry of producing hazardous products.



Lasers and Skin Care

Skin Care - All Methods Plus Its History Timeline

Modern Techniques Of Skin Care

By the invention of lasers, a great revolution took place in the timeline history of skin care. The laser consists of flashes of intensive light.  Many types of lasers used for many purposes such as skin rejuvenation, unwanted hair, acne, scars, and so many other things. Laser industry in the skin care field is going to improve more in order to apply the most effective skin care procedures.



Chemical Peels and Skin Care

Skin Care - All Methods Plus Its History Timeline

Peeling Techniques Of Skin Care

Many dermatologists and experts in the field of skin care studied chemical peeling and its effects on the skin. They found that by peeling the scars could be removed and it also has substantial effects on skin texture. Other great effects that peeling has on skin texture are as follows: it removes fine lines around eyes and mouth, wrinkles. It also improves mild scars and Cures some types of acne.


Microdermabrasion and Skin Care

Skin Care - All Methods Plus Its History Timeline

Modern Techniques Of Skin Care

One of the most popular skin care solutions to wound and scars is microdermabrasion. This method also helps rejuvenation.  Microdermabrasion uses exfoliating techniques. It is a great remedy for dull skin, brown spots, and age effects.



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