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Disadvantages Of Sugar Consumption

Do you know, what is the most common type of human illness after a cold? Research showed that dental caries is one of the most commonly diagnose diseases in all societies. Perhaps, teeth, like other organs, will be damaged over time, and this is inevitable. In this article, we want to talk about the Disadvantages Of Sugar Consumption.


Like other body organs, your mouth can stay healthy throughout your life. Oral or illiterate illnesses are about health or neglect of the needs of a healthy lifestyle and have a direct relationship with lifestyle, especially the type of nutrition of individuals.


Prevent from tooth decay

The best way to prevent dental caries is to reduce the amount and frequency of consuming sugar or sugar-based foods. The healthy food chain contains the least amount of refined sugars (sugar) and the consumption of sugary substances at limited intervals and appropriate times (for example, before daily meals).



Find the impacted teeth

Given that the possibility of re-erosion of impacted teeth is more than one healthy tooth, those who undergo dental treatment should pay more attention to their dental health than others and pay more attention to their nutrition than healthy people.


Because dentin is not resistant to acid, formed like a cavity and underneath the enamel form inside the dentin, which is a good accumulation site for the germs. In this way, caries becomes deeper so that the vessels and nerves capture the brain’s part of the tooth.

However, with the use of dentistry science and art, these disabilities are somewhat repairable but never come first. The greater the restoration of the teeth, the greater the chance of rotting again. The nature of the spread of dental caries is also the result of these dental caries.


Brush correctly

There are different methods for correct brushing have been suggested. The simple method of moving a toothbrush on the lateral surfaces of the gum area towards the rod surface and on the rod surface along the dental groove may be the most practical method for the general public. Brushing brightens and refreshes the mouth and improves the individual’s social image.

Toothbrushes usually do not clean the interdental surfaces and the use of dental floss to clean these areas is beneficial. Do not forget to use toothbrushes and interdental threads continuously to maintain oral health, but not alone enough regardless of healthy nutrition.





Children should have dental health literacy

The best practice and the most appropriate time for pediatric education is the proper functioning of parents in terms of oral health in the presence of children. Refraining from harmful foods and removing them from the family’s food basket and table from the moment of birth and even before the birth of children and the principles of dental hygiene in the presence of children is the best model for teaching children.

Oral and tooth health should be taught as a part of the necessary pediatric care education before pregnancy. During infancy, after each lactation, the baby’s mouth, especially after the tooth eruption, should be cleaned with a soft gasp.


Elderly take care of your oral health

Teaching individual oral health skills is very important when it comes to the provision of preventive services to the elderly since the risk of dental caries and the recurrence of oral diseases in the elderly is high. Usually, elderly people are less able to handle their oral health due to their physical strength.


The alarm for sugar consumption

Undoubtedly, you also need to limit the use of added sugar to keep your health healthy, but if you’ve completely stopped taking ice cream and chocolate, it’s possible to eat more sugar than you think. Those people who have always been keen to reduce its use of sugar. In addition, at best, only 5% of the calorie intake should be supplied from the added sugar, or at least 10%, which is equal to 6 teaspoons of extra sugar per day.


If you have these signs it indicates excessive consumption of sugar and should used to cut or reduce it.


You have rashes too much

Excessive ingestion of sugar will destroy your skin. A recent study shows the relationship between a high-sugar diet and an intensification of the onset of burns. The participants in this study had moderate to severe acne and consumed more sugar than those with moderate to mild acne.


You always feel hungry

If your breakfast or lunch contains plenty of sugar and no trace of protein, greasy, and fatty, you will end up falling in the afternoon. Painful headaches or a strong desire to stay in bed are another side effects of high blood sugar. A balanced diet that contains nutrients will prevent your blood sugar from dripping.


Increase your blood pressure

If your blood pressure is 12 to 8 or lower, it’s normal. A diet that contains high sugar can get your blood pressure above this threshold. In 2014, a study by physicians showed that limiting the consumption of sugars by individuals was likely to have a greater impact on the normal blood pressure than reducing the consumption of sodium.

Therefore, the probability that the added sugars, especially Fractals, specifically stimulate the metabolic rate, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.


How easy you can eat chocolate or a piece of cake? There are some Disadvantages Of Sugar Consumption such as Food that contains a lot of sugar but does not contain protein, fiber, and other nutrients do not make you feel satiated. In fact, sugar does not activate the mechanisms that make your body feel tired.

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