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4 Easy Ways To Eat Healthy And Never Go Hungry

The worst part about trying to follow a kilojoule-controlled eating plan has to be that constant feeling of being so, insatiably hungry. Even if you haven’t eaten, say, a vetkoek in years, as soon as you’re trying to clean up your eating, boom! You’re craving one. Unfair? Totally. Avoidable? Absolutely. Yes, you read that right. There are mays that you can find and follow but here there4 Easy Ways To Eat Healthy And Never Go Hungry.

When you’re two weeks into a diet and the hanger is real…


Drink plenty of


Sometimes when you feel hungry, it’s not actually hungering you’re feeling at all, but rather thirst. Your body feels like it needs something urgently, so it sets off alarm bells that it needs “something”. You can easily misinterpret this as feeling peckish, when in fact you’re just dehydrated. To steer clear of this trap, drink water continuously throughout the day. Fill up a bottle and get into the habit of mindlessly sipping you’re aiming to down two to three liters per day. Can’t stand plain water? Get a Soda Stream! and make your own sparkling water. Infuse it with fresh fruit like cut lemon, apple or strawberries for delicious, diet-friendly sipping.


Bulk up your meals

Get in the habit of making a big “free” salad with every meal and eat it first. You’ll take the edge off your hunger so you’ll enjoy the rest of your meal more and eat more slowly, leaving you more satisfied at the end. Be sure to mix it up e.g. leafy salads vs crunchy salads or bitter rocket leaves vs sweet bell peppers so you don’t get bored. Can’t bear a naked salad? Try mixing Balsamic vinegar with dried herbs, or drizzle lemon juice or apple cider vinegar over your greens for a dash of “free” flavor.

See? It’s delicious!


Eat lots of veggies

Veggies like broccoli, cauliflower and gem squash are actually super low in kilojoules, which means you can eat a lot of them without fear. On days when you just feel like a big, hearty plate of food (hello, the first day of your period), cook up a giant work of vegetable stirfry or a spicy pot of vegetable curry (hold the cream) and go wild!


Prep meals in advance

Time or rather the lack of it is the chief reason why drive-throughs and petrol station convenience stores are so successful! Prep your meals for the week or the day in advance so, no matter what happens, there’s no need to stop for a garage pie. Remember those veggie curries we mentioned? Make a whole lot and freeze it in meal-size portions. When you’re suddenly feeling hungry, you can just defrost one and munch away, no deli run required.

Looking for a weight-loss plan you can actually stick to? Shedding For The Wedding includes an affordable eating plan that works with macros and portion sizes, so you can still eat all the food you enjoy, just in waistline-friendly amounts. Plus you’ll get a comprehensive exercise plan that you can do at home with just a resistance band, dumbbells and stuff you already have around the house.





Another title that we can talk about it is 5 better for ways to lose weight which is recommended by a psychologist:


Be honest with yourself

“First off, ask if you’re taking care of yourself. Are you eating nutritiously not perfectly and moving your body regularly and getting enough sleep? If so, your body’s going to find its natural weight. When people are trying to lose those last five or 10 kilos, sometimes what they’re actually doing is fighting against their body. If you’ve spent five years trying to get there, it might be that what you actually want is not to lose five kilos, but to improve your body image. That comes from embracing the body you have now from a place of love and acceptance.”


Eat more mindfully

“People who manage their weight best in the long term are intuitive eaters. They ask what their body is telling them – if it’s hungry, it’s saying I need to eat nutritious food. When it starts to get full, that’s a natural sign to stop. How is a food going to affect them? Not is it ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but will it make them feel satisfied and energized or sluggish and tired? Intuitive eaters don’t have avoided foods; they just listen to their bodies. Be present, pause and ask, ‘Is this food a good choice for me?’”


Expand the picture

“For most people, their ‘why’ or the reason they’re making changes is weight loss and that’s not always helpful long term. As soon as you get [to your goal], you often lose motivation. Your ‘why’ can be important, but try zooming out from the number on the scale and looking at all of the ‘whys’  the multiple reasons it’s wonderful to take great care of yourself, like health and how it makes you feel.”


Tune into emotional eating

“Part of intuitive eating is noticing all of the other reasons we eat, whether it’s just because a food is there or you’re emotional. Acknowledge that emotional eating won’t make you feel better and use it as a signal ‘I’m having a food craving, I’m not hungry; let’s look at what’s behind that craving.’ Not sure what you’re feeling? Just start writing whatever comes into your mind. After a page or two, you’ll get to the issue.”


Tap away cravings

One of the most interesting ways to lose weight… Yep, we said tap. But stay with us: This is a legitimate technique Mackintosh uses to help people curb food hankerings. The gist? When you have a craving, tapping on certain acupressure points on your face and body (like the corner of your eye, under your collarbone and along the side of your body) sends a calming message to your brain, which helps you think more clearly and make better choices. “When you do it, you can feel the craving just clear away,” explains Mackintosh.

Science is on his side: A Bond University team scanned the brains of study participants before and after four weeks of DIY tapping therapy. They saw that the brain area that activates hunger and cravings settled down after the month of people getting their tap on.

For weight loss, it is very important to don’t feel hungry so we decided to talk about 4 Easy Ways To Eat Healthy And Never Go Hungry and work on our mind to get a goal easily.

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