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The Amazing Notes About Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a magical supplement that is the best choice for bone health and you can treat cancer, also is a good choice to improve cardiovascular health. Vitamin D is the best nutrient that you can use in your diet. In this article, we want to introduce The Amazing Notes About Vitamin D.


Vitamin D Can control your blood sugar bad treat insulin levels

Researchers at the University of Missouri have found that vitamin D3 offers benefits to blood glucose in their attempts to control their blood sugar in adolescents with high overweight and at risk of diabetes, which effect is almost the same as with prescription drugs.

According to Catherine Pearson, associate professor of nutrition and exercise physiology at the University of Missouri, we only responde with an increase in vitamin D intake, which is almost as powerful as when used with prescription drugs.

The main message of this study is for doctors that control the status of vitamin D in its obese patients, as they are likely to be inactive. Adding vitamin D supplements in your diet may be effective in treating obesity and insulin resistance.


Vitamin D can reduce your backache

If you have a backache we must say you are not alone, this pain is a global epidemic. Maybe you and millions of others in the world may not have enough sufficient of the vitamin to lower your pain. Vitamin deficiency cause that most of us suffer from a backache.


Vitamin D can protect your teeth against decay

Eating candies and sugar can cause your teeth to decay, when sweet candies stick on your teeth the harmful bacteria enjoy from the sticking. But research about moth and teeth health have shown that vitamin D can reduce this decay.


Vitamin D is useful for patients in ICU ( intensive care units )

Researchers in South Korea have found that a specific vitamin can prevent infections in patients who have undergone a neurological operation. Patients who were suffering from this vitamin deficiency experienced a higher incidence of infection with the disease.

Those researchers found that vitamin D deficiency in ICU is a big problem also they received that deficiency of vitamin is linked to immunological status. Vitamin D deficiency can have a negative effect on your immunological status and cause more disease.



Vitamin D can increase powering

Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory digestive tract, can lead to muscle weakness and fatigue, and generally, disrupt your normal life.

Their studies have shown that the daily intake of 2,000 units of vitamin D could help restore muscle tissue and reduce many discomforts caused by Crohn’s disease. Participants in the study, which received vitamin D, also reported increased mental energy and a higher quality of life.


Vitamin D reduces the risk of fibroid

Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors of the uterus. But researchers found that women could reduce the risk of this painful problem by 30 percent with vitamin D intake.


Brain get old easily without this vitamin

The result of two research has shown that vitamin is a good point to protect brain power. Without this vitamin, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease increase and the human’s abilities fall.


How much we need vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a magical supplement. This nutrient is good for your bone health, preventing cancer and improved cardiovascular health. And this is just one corner of the benefits of this key vitamin.

Most of us receive vitamin D from 3 main sources. Black skin people need more vitamin D and we recommend that intake 5000 units are necessary for adults.

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