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Are You Addicted To Your Cellphone?

A recent study show two-thirds of us admitte to being addicte to their phones and more than a third said they would miss their phone more than their partners if they were separate. What about you? Are You Addicted To Your Cellphone?


We are a way too dependent on our devices

74% of people said they can’t leave the house without their phones. 71% said that they preferred sharing their life through their phone (social network, texting, calling) than face to face. And 77% admitted that they checked their phone regularly without reason.

“The problem is real, we are addicte to devices and it’s not healthy. Felix Founder & CEO Alex Fourie says “Every day we are confronted with the ugly side of this problem: cracked screens, water-logged phones and generally just abused devices.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngMORE KEY FINDINGS FROM THE STUDY

  • 56% of people said the first thing they do in the morning is to check their phone
  • 54% said they check their phone more than 3 times an hour
  • 18% said they check their phone more than 10 times an hour. That’s almost twice every 10 minutes for an hour
  • 48% almost half said that they socialize most on their phones
  • 52% said they spend more than 3 hours a day on their phone
  • 13 % said they spend more than 10 hours a day on their phone

. 54% admitte to getting annoy or agitat when someone else use their phone


Could your cell phone be harming your love life?

Baylor University researchers surveyed more than 450 American adults to define and gauge the impact of what they called “phubbing” (partner phone snubbing). That’s when people use or get distracted by cellphones while in their partner’s company.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngCell phone distractions are a big deal

“These lower levels of relationship satisfaction, in turn, led to lower levels of life satisfaction and, ultimately, higher levels of depression,” he added.

More than 46 percent of survey respondents said they had been phubbe by their romantic partner; Only 32 percent of respondents said they were very satisfy with their relationship.

The study will be publish in the January 2016 issue of the journal Computers in Human Behaviour.


People often assume that brief cellphone distractions are no big deal, but the survey indicates that’s not so, study co-author Meredith David, an assistant professor of marketing, said in the news release.

“Our findings suggest that the more often a couple’s time spent together is interrupte one individual attending to his/her cell phone, the less likely it is that the other individual satisfy in the overall relationship,”.




The findings are important given that cellphone use is so common, the researchers added.

“When you think about the results, they are astounding. Something as common as cellphone use can undermine the bedrock of our happiness – our relationships with our romantic partners,” Roberts said.


Crazy ways cellphones harm you

If your health is important to you it is better to read this part seriously:

It keeps you awake

If you’re struggling to get or stay asleep, cellphones and other technology might be one of the factors to look at. A study by the National Sleep Foundation in the US showed that 95% of people interacted with technology just before going to bed – and two-thirds didn’t get enough sleep.


 You run over

Answering and SMS or instant messaging while you cross the road is a health hazard your mother never warn you about. A study at the University of Alabama shows that fiddling with your cell phone is distracting and increases your risk of being hit by a car. And listening to music is even worse.


It may weaken your bones

A small Argentinian study showed that men who carried their phone in a particular pocket of their pants had less bone density in the thigh on that side.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngIt can blister your thumbs

A study on South African teens showed that blisters are a common side-effect of over-enthusiastic messaging.


How we develop text neck

Hansraj explains that your spine holds the weight of your head, which, in a neutral position, weighs around 5 kilograms, but becomes heavier and puts more pressure on your spine as you tilt it forward.


How to minimize your risk for text neck

Correct posture, regular breaks and a proper adjustment of equipment can help prevent disorders related to postures such as text neck, back and neck pain or vision care when using smartphones.

What is your idea about this essay and yourself? Are You Addicted To Your Cellphone? What ways do you suggest to quit bad habits? Especially cell phones because it is really harmful.

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