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Alcoholism And The Impact Of Alcohol Consumption On The Body



Pure alcohol is a clear liquid that usually contains 96 to 97 gr of pure alcohol. This means that there are 97 volumes of alcohol and 3 volumes of water and other impurities in 100 volumes. Ethanol alcohol is known from time immemorial and  found almost everywhere in nature. I think Alcoholism And The Impact Of Alcohol Consumption On The Body is a serious disease that you must pursue this subject as soon as possible.

For the preparation of alcohol, they use starchy and sugary fermentation methods or use synthetic methods. In terms of pharmacology, alcohol is a weakening of the central nervous system, which is classified as tranquilizers and weaknesses. In medicine, it has a lot of uses, but it causes problems in human society because of overuse.


Alcohol use cases

One of the effects of alcohol is increase sleep and dilation of the vessels and is use as an energy source. It is very effective in treating severe pain, such as cancer pain or severe muscle spasm. It is also use as a steam in oxygen masks for people with some asthma, pulmonary and respiratory disorders. Alcohol with morphine is use in open heart surgery, as well as in disinfection and dressing for various skin injuries.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngShort-term and long-term effects of alcohol consumption

Some alcohol slang names are Booze, Sauce, Juice, Extract and Syrup. The main short-term effect of alcohol is on the central nervous system and acts as a sleepy or anesthetic. In addition, it has effects on the consciousness of the individual and the actions and duties of the nervous system. In general, the effect of alcohol depends on the amount of drink, size, body weight, the physical and mental health of the individual, individual experiences, including the degree of tolerance and dependence, the mood and degree of purity of the drink alcohol content.

Eating alcoholic beverages initially causes some kind of relaxation and escape from congestion and euphoria, but after some time, its real effects include discordance in muscle movements (ataxia), impairment of judgment, motor and motor skills damage, reaction slowness and Nasal and intellectual activity, exacerbated aggression and aggression, tingling, coalescence, heartburn, jerking, two seeing objects and people, confusion, choking, numbness and anesthetizing organs and increasing urine.


Alcohol in driving

Alcoholism And The Impact Of Alcohol Consumption On The Body can hurt you on driving. After 8 to 12 hours of overdoses, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and vomiting occur. Excessive alcohol intake may cause paralysis of the brain and respiratory system, resulting in death. In general, these effects, if combined with sedation and other weakening drugs, are exacerbated.

Excessive alcohol intake, along with antidepressants can often cause death. Regular intake of at least 4 times a day can lead to long-term and gradual to the liver, brain, heart, and other organs of the body. Consumption of alcoholic beverages causes liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis and gallbladder disorders, digestive disorders, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis and some cancers in the digestive tract.





Disadvantages Of Alcohol

The nervous system’s roles, including impaired intelligence, movement, and emotional instability, decreased sensory perception, and eventually loss of memory and forgetfulness, blurred vision are seen in most alcohol addicts. The most common disorder of the nervous system in chronic alcoholism is corneal injury and the nerves of the eye. Brain damage and brain tissue lesions, heart problems, including arrhythmia and tachycardia, are the side effects of abuse. Alcohol reduces the coronary arteries of the heart.

Alcohol consumption in men causes a weakening of sexual strength and reduces their fertility. Chronic consumption of alcoholic beverages leads to anxiety, anger, and harshness, delirium excitability, thrombosis and depression of the central nervous system.


Ethanol alcohol is one of the addictive drugs use as a sedative for its flavoring properties. Increasing its amount to produce a favorable effect may cause physical tolerance and dependence. Chronic consumers or addicts may drink alcohol in a fixed amount without being drunk, so there may be some kind of psychological dependence on alcohol that if discontinued, Severe irritability, seizure, delirium immense, restlessness or anger, insomnia, poor appetite, sweating, and vomiting. Alcohol as an addictive drug has the power to make physical and mental affiliation.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55)Drinking alcohol during pregnancy

The use of alcohol during pregnancy can cause serious and unnatural complications of the baby. Pregnant women who drink too much liquor during pregnancy may cause abnormal children with mental or physical disabilities.

In a laboratory – which was conducte on the effects of alcohol on the embryo of alcoholic mothers – it found that: drinking too much and then discontinuing alcohol during pregnancy, has an effect on the fetus. In 322 newborns who were abnormal, 32% of them belonged to mothers who were overbearing, and 14% of them belonge to mothers who been drinking, and 9% were from mothers who left and are deprive. Twenty-one of the 162 infants who had an alcohol withdrawal syndrome after birth were from mothers who consume 300 liters or more of alcohol per day during pregnancy.


Medicine for alcoholism

Two therapeutic and psychological therapies used to stop alcohol addiction. For psychological therapies, you can learn how to stop your carving. These treatments work on the psychological mechanism that you can fight with your addicting with strategies.

It is better to know and reconnoiter these people who are Alcoholism. Usually, you can found alcohol devices easily. It’s easier to find out in the more advanced stages that the person consumes and increases his work and life.

Alcoholism And The Impact Of Alcohol Consumption On The Body are very dangerous for our body and health so it is good to prevent this common and big problem. If you have this problem it is better to hospitalization in addiction treatment centers.

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