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Massage Your Face At Home

Facial massage is a pleasant and relaxing experience. Facial massage gives you a fresh feeling, eliminates stress, and rejuvenates the face. Dermatologists believe that once a month is good to massage your face. Massage Your Face At Home Easily not only clean it from all contaminants, but also excess fat and dead cells that are accumulated on the skin will instead be clean, clear and attractive.

Facial massage is a prescription that traditional medical practitioners from the Eastern countries give all facials to relieve fatigue and wrinkles. Make facial massage can help the beauty and rejuvenation programs. Of course, numerous properties and benefits for face and body massage have been proven to be achieved by proper massage.


Massage your face regularly is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety and improve mood. A study in 2008 found that 45 minutes of facial massage helps reduce anxiety and negative thoughts. Facial massage with sinusoidal secretions and discharging them also eliminates sinus cramps. It’s interesting to know that facial massage is also beneficial for the natural detoxification of the body. Facial massage stimulates lymphatic vessels and helps to remove toxins from the face. The function of the lymphatic system is important in the health of the skin and in general health. Massage is a wonderful way to soften yourself that you can do at your own home.

Many people spend a lot of time to get a massage in beauty salons or spa but you can do it at home, just follow the described below steps.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngThe ingredients that you need

A medium bowl

Cold water

Makeup cleanser



Face Scrub

Massage cream


Face mask

Eye cream




Before massage, you must prepare your skin.

Before anything else, you must first remove any makeup from your face. Clean your face with a baby oil or perfect detergent. Pour a few drops of oil or detergent onto cotton and apply it to your skin to remove all makeup. Then wash the face with cold water.

Use a good and strong cleanser, pour it on your hand then apply on your face slowly but be sure that use a suitable cleanser for your skin.

Don’t press your skin too much while massaging. Now pout sponge in water and clean the cleanser.

After this step you need a scrub, use a perfect peeling and peel your nose and chin.





Now your face is ready to massage, after peeling you can use massage cream. Pour a little cream massage into your palms. Now apply the palms of your hands to make the cream slightly warm. This makes the massage easier. Start your chin and go up. When you rub the cream into the whole face, you can start the massage work.

Use both hands, the massage should be upward. That’s why it’s better to start your throat. Go to the middle of the upper lip. Massage it and pull it down so that your lips get sad. Then put your fingers in your optic nose and massage your cheeks up close to your ears


Now it’s the turn of the eye massage. Place your fingers at both sides of the eyes and drag the corners of the eye upwards. Close the eyelids of both eyes with your thumb and take a few seconds to relax. There should be a skin absorption cream. Remove a sponge and remove excess cream from the face.

The best way to massage your face has put a mirror in front of you and look directly into the mirror. Then smear your fingers and place them on a vertical line in the middle of the two eyebrows on the forehead and gently pull your fingers to the outside of your forehead and thighs. This should be done slowly, and each time you repeat it, add a little pressure to your fingertips.


Close the face

Cove your face with all cleanser when massage finish. Use a suitable mask and leave it for 20 minutes. Apply toner on your face with cotton. Take a little eye cream and apply it around the eyes. Massage well, but take caution. You should not shake the skin around the eyes. Now use a moisturizer. Put it on the chin, forehead, and cheeks.


Massage your eyes

Take your cream or your special serum for your eyes then close your eyes.  Place the fingers of both hands between the eyebrows and massage gently with small rotary movements in the eyes of the eyes.


Massage your lips

Another area that can accompany wrinkles after 45 years of age is the gap between the upper lip and the nose. The best way to use compression massage in this area is to prevent deepening of the cavity in this area.

To start the fingertip, place both index fingers on top of the lips and press it softly for 30 seconds. Then, slide your fingers gently toward the corners of the lips and keep it close to the tulip. First of all, do not forget to smear your fingers with a little bit of oil.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngReinforcing the cheek muscles

There are also several solutions to strengthen the muscles of the cheeks, To start the massage, first apply a small amount of oil to the palms of both hands, and then place them on both sides of your face, so that the floor of both hands is placed on the muscles of the species. Then move your palms down the cheek.

Be careful when you put your hands down remove them on your face and put it again on the lower parts. By repeating this massage for 3 to 5 minutes, you can strengthen your muscle to better shape and look.


Properties of massage

Here we have summary properties and benefits of facial massage:

•Decrease wrinkles of your skin

•Stimulates blood flow

•Reduce stress and tension

•Improves muscle and facial skin. The skin becomes smoother and more conservative

•Relaxation of facial and eye muscles

•Be careful to completely clean your face before applying for massage, and if you have acne or wounds on your face, do not massage your face.


Important points

Before start Massage Your Face At Home Easily wash your hands, use a suitable cleanser for your hand. Be sure that all products are suitable for your skin and face. You can wash your face with cold water or apply ice.

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