Tuesday, May 26, 2020
(Last Updated On: November 10, 2018)

Why Do You Feel Nervous With Eating Voice?

Some of us get nervous and angry with the voice of breathing or eating, for example when some drink or eating something besides me get me angry. So Why Do You Feel Nervous With Eating Voice? What is the reason?


Does eating voice feel annoying you?

If you are angry with someone who sips up loudly or breathes out loud, Know that you are by no means alone because you are one of the many people suffering from an unusual brain disease called misophonia.





What is the reason to be angry while eating?

Many years ago, scientists were skeptical of the fact that monopsony is a disease, but at the moment, one of the researchers at the University of Newcastle has proven that misophonia is different in everyone’s body. In a report from the popular biology newspaper, scientists conclude that people suffering from misophonia,  suffer from mental activities. The M.R.I of the brain indicated that people with abnormal conditions have a mechanism for controlling their emotions, causing their brain to do such things as they breathe, etc., and so on.


Why Do You Feel Nervous With Eating Voice? Do you have any idea about this disease? What it your misophonia? And which voice can annoy you?

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