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Which Causes Can Make Immune System Weak?

To have a healthy body with high and strong immune system you must do something and avoid some habits. Insomnia, stress and hard work are not good for your health but medicine and diet can affect your health too. Which Causes Can Make Immune System Weak? In this article, we want to talk about bad habits and the reasons.


Excessive use of antioxidants:

In addition to the lymph nodes in the neck, most of the immune system (more than 70% of it) is located in the lymph tissue of the entire digestive tract in the intestine. Avoid doing things that damage the immune system. Damage to the intestinal immune system will weaken the whole body’s immune system.

The use of antioxidants, especially its more powerful ones, can have a negative effect on the immune system. Some antioxidants absorb acid, but the stronger cases, called proton pump inhibitors, actually change the pH of the stomach that is acidic. When the stomach does not sterilize properly the food you eat, the body becomes more infected and it also puts a lot of pressure on the immune system.

A case study shows that people who regularly use proton pump inhibitors have lower intestinal bacteria and are at increased risk for various diseases such as Clostridium Diphilic Infection and pneumonia. Another problem is that some of the vitamin deficiencies are linked to the use of proton pump inhibitors because some of the nutrients are not absorbed properly in less acidic environments.


Those people who use this types have a deficit of nutrients like vitamin B12, Zinc, vitamin C.

Don’t use these antioxidants more than 3 months.




Excessive use of alcoholic beverages

Frequent use of alcoholic beverages will suppress the production of red and white blood cells. As time goes on, this greatly weakens the immune system.

It’s best to leave these drinks free. Try to use natural juice instead of drinking alcohol so your body has enough water.


Traveling a lot

People who travel a lot will have a weaker immune system. The main reason for the weakening of the immune system in these cases is that people under such conditions are usually exposed to more contaminants and germs.

Other factors such as lack of adequate rest, lack of good diet and loss of proper nutrition can also weaken the immune system in such situations.

People who travel a long time are better off for a regular daily schedule. As exercise can boost your immune system, it’s best to have a walk for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day.

Try to eat as much as you can. Use immune-enhancing foods such as bitter chocolate, magnesium-rich nuts, and mandarin.


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