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Have An Eye-Catching Look With Homemade Elixir

All of us wish to have an eye-catching look. Also, we suffer from a dark circle or sometimes we have puffy eyes. If you agree so you want to Have An Eye-Catching Look With Homemade Elixir and need to make a hydrating elixir.

Many of us do heavy makeup because of their dark circles but you do a big mistake. Moist your eyes not only remove the dark circles but also help to rejuvenation the skin of the eye. Let’s read the article and learn how we can make this elixir.


The reason of darkness and puff of around eye

According to research and essays, the main reason is genetics and inheritance. If this is a hereditary one, then why was not it so black and puffy at the time of their childhood? The answer is these blurred problems will not occur in childhood and during infancy. They will show after puberty or middle age.


Of course, this problem is not inherited and there are other factors involved in these problems, which are the most common ones here:
Melanin sediment in the dermal layer (a layer between the epidermis and the hypoderm)

Skin loosening


Thyroid problems and diseases


Skin sensitization

It is important to know that factor such as fatigue, insomnia, exposure to sunshine and monthly hormone disorders in women also play a significant role in exacerbating blackness around the eyes.






The preparation of a homemade mask

Cactus gel: 7 drops

Cucumber: half of one that peels it out and minced

Pour cucumber slices in mixer then pour cactus gel in a bowl then add 2 tsp of cucumber juice and mix well. Put the mixture in the freezer for 1 hour. You can use this mixture day and night but take care that you can keep it in the freezer just for 6 weeks.


Important points

If you want more effects and increasing its absorption apply the mixture with circularly slide your fingertips on the black area. Try to treat this dark circles and avoid to cover them with makeup because this way just damages your skin and make it worse. So we suggest to Have An Eye-Catching Look With Homemade Elixir and after using this helpful mask inform us of its effective outcome.


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