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Tricks For Increasing Scarf’s Life

Scarves are often of has a sensitive material that they are a little different from other clothes and need more care. Here we have some All Tricks For Increasing Scarf’s Life and durability.

Pattern and satin scarves is a good choice for formal places. If you care a lot about buying scarves it is good to know enough information about the materials.


How we can wash silk scarves?

You can wash them with hand to help eliminate color and fibers of silk scarves. Fill the chamber pot with hot water and pour some of the washing powder into the water. Then wash the scarf gently and rinse it. Never scrub the scarf or don’t put it in the dryer, because silk fibers are damaged over time and lose it shapes.

For drying, this types of scarves use 2 towels and dry the scarf between these towels. It better to use softener too.






Remove bad smells and spots

The best choice for this way is when you washing your scarf add some baking soda.


Hang scarves

You can use the hanger for the scarves. In this condition, pucker will be less and easier to use. Preferably use multi-step hangers for scarves.



For ironing the scarves you should use the lowest ironing temperature because they are sensitive. It is better to put a cloth on it and iron it.

We suggest this All Tricks For Increasing Scarf’s Life and durability. What do you think about other tricks? Can you tell us? So if you know some beneficial tricks for your clothes such as scarves share with us!

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