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5 Makeup Tricks That You Must Know

Do a makeup is an art and if you know this I think you are an artist and makes you feel good. In this article, we want to introduce you 5 Makeup Tricks That You Must Know and make your makeup easy and fast.


An advice to apply mascara

Most of us think applying mascara is hard and we are always fighting with our lashes. So if you want to apply mascara easier use back of a spoon. Put it on your lids behind the lashes and start to applying mascara.



Applying blushes is a good idea for brightening our cheeks especially for days that you late and boring to do makeup. For applying blushes better, it is important to know your face form and shapes.







If you want your eyes to look bigger it is good when you apply eyeliner and mascara add one white eyeliner and apply it to your eyelash line.



Be careful your face don’t shine after doing makeup. If you have oily skin and when you applied foundation and your skin looked shiny we have a trick to remove this model. Use matte and dry powder and foundation. The powder that uses must be a little lighter than your skin tone.


Also use this powder for most parts that shiny more.

If you use glasses, for your eyes look more beautiful apply your shadows on your lower lids too and use black eyeliner.

Here there are our 5 Makeup Tricks That You Must Know. Do you know another trick for your makeup? Share with us.

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