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Why Do I Weight Lose Without Reason?

Weight fluctuations during the year are not abnormal. Similarly, a decrease or increase of two or three kilograms is not a matter of concern. But if you’ve lost five percent of your body weight in less than six months, and there’s no clear reason to explain this weight loss, you should see your doctor for more precise conditions. Significant weight loss without clear reasons is not normal and the question here is Why Do I Weight Lose Without Reason? If you experience weight loss without changing your diet or activity, you should pay special attention to it.


Thyroid problems

Weight loss is one of the common symptoms of hyperthyroidism. If the doctor suspects hyperthyroidism, he or she may consider other symptoms, such as increased hunger or palpitations. Sleep problems or excessive warmth are two common symptoms of hyperthyroidism.


Gastrointestinal disorders

Celiac disease – a gluten-dependent autoimmune disorder – can cause weight loss and is commonly associate with other symptoms, such as diarrhea. Also, pancreas, which secretes enzymes to help digest food, can lead to sudden weight loss. Also note other symptoms such as stomach pain, stool disorder, or nausea after consuming fatty foods such as hamburgers.







Having diabetes can be one of the reasons for fast weight loss. Other symptoms of the disease include frequent urination and severe thirst. The body removes glucose through urination because it does not have the ability to absorb it, and these conditions increase thirst. Having diabetes causes your body to feed on internal sources like a muscle that is effective in reducing sudden weight loss.



Reducing appetite is one of the common side effects of clinical depression, and this is one of the things that can lead to dramatic weight loss. In many cases, he does not even notice his weight loss because he is surrounded by depression. Other symptoms of depression are excitability, increase alcohol intake, hesitation, and sleep problems.


Weak diet

Weight loss is associated with a greater risk of death. As the age grows, the stomach is depleted and, accordingly, you feel satiated for a longer time. Also, some brain signals that control appetite and garlic are weakened. All of these can lead to less eating the elderly, weight loss, and the inability to absorb enough nutrients to support your body’s needs. Many medications can also affect the appetite of the individual, so you need to pay close attention to the amount of food you eat and what time you eat.

Well, if you see these signs it is better to visit a doctor and ask the question Why Do I Weight Lose Without Reason?

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