Monday, May 25, 2020
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How To Make A Natural Cleaner Glass?

Using chemical is not dangerous as always but it hurt on your health and breath. It is better to make a natural cleaner if you are a sensitive person. You can make this cleaner at home but the question is How To Make A Natural Cleaner Glass? By using this natural cleaner no worry about the damages and chemical toxins when cleaning glasses or breathing ingredients.


The ingredients that we need to make this natural cleaner

Modular or glass measuring




One tablespoon cornstarch

1/4 glass vinegar

1/8 pound of isopropyl alcohol

2 glass of hot water or distilled water






The first level: mix liquids together.

Using modular or glass measuring and measure the volume of alcohol, vinegar, and hot water. It is not necessary to use boiling water. Then heat 2 glass of distilled over medium heat and use it.


Second level: add cornstarch.

Pour one tablespoon of cornstarch in liquid combination with a funnel. Cornstarch is a magical ingredient in this combination. Close the container and shake it well to solute the cornstarch.


The third level: test the natural cleaner.

Choose a dirty and dusty glass in your home and clean it with this natural cleaner. Spray the combination in surface and clean with a clean cloth.

As the cornstarch solid dissolve over time, make sure to shake the bottle well before using. Do know any natural cleaner? So if you know How To Make A Natural Cleaner Glass? Share your ideas with us!



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