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Exercises For Better Brain Performance

Exercises are the best medicine for the brain. In this article, we want to talk and introduces Exercises For Better Brain Performance.


Stimulates brain development

When you get old, the production of new brain cells slows down and the brain tissue gradually decreases. Exercise can reverse this process. A brain scan performed on healthy, but not impaired people between the ages of 60 and 79 years indicates a significant increase in brain activity after six months of aerobic exercise. This change has not been seen in any of the other types of sports. Researchers also believe that cardiovascular exercise that is accompanied by aerobics reduces the effects of age on the brain. These exercises increase blood flow to the brain, which ultimately releases more oxygen.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngIncrease the procreator hormones

A chemical factor called Neurotrophy or BDNF stimulates the growth and proliferation of brain cells. This occurs especially in the hippocampus, which is part of the brain that is widely responsible for memory and vulnerable to aging due to aging. The more you exercise, the more BDNF you produce.


Fight with stress and depression

Depression decreases the ability of the brain to process information, making it difficult to focus and make a decision, and also creates serious problems for memory. For acute depression, the doctor prescribes an antidepressant. For things that are not so acute, exercise can make you feel better. Exercise increases the production of serotonin and dopamine, which is a chemical in the brain that makes it good. It also increases the number of good chemicals called endorphins.






Decrease the stress effects

If some hormones such as BDNF make brain younger other hormones become aging causes. It contains stress hormones called cortisol. Thoughts and dispersal and forgetfulness are more than stress by what we suppose. Exercise lowers cortisol levels and helps to think better. It is believe that exercise helps to create new neural cells in the part of the brain called grays of the teeth, as well as the area of the hippocampus which is associated with the creation of new memory. The brain cells are reduced during stress.


Improve brain function

The brain’s practical function includes cognitive ability, such as the ability to focus on complex tasks, organizing, abstract thinking, and planning for future events. It also includes memory functions such as the ability to keep phone numbers in mind while dialing. When researchers studied the effect of exercise on brain function, they found that people aged between 55 and 80 who were exercising regularly four times better than non-exercising controls. The effect has been greater among those who have been exercising for 30 or 45 minutes every six months.


Increase the insulin sensitivity

When you eat your body produce more food and glucose that is the main source for the brain.  Glucose that enters the cells should be accompanied by an insulin hormone. Unfortunately, in some people, cells are resistant to insulin. The body needs to pour large amounts of it, resulting in high blood sugar and leads to type 2 diabetes. Even if you do not have type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance is bad for your brain. When the brain cells were grown in glucose, it can affect memory and thinking.


Exercises For Better Brain Performance and exercising regularly Can reverses insulin resistance. In fact, increasing insulin sensitivity will keep blood sugar at ease for at least 16 hours after exercise. If you control your blood sugar more you will be protected from brain decline and aging.

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