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Which Color Is Suitable For You?

In this article, we want to talk about some techniques that can help your style and make you look fashionable and stylish. I want you to ask the question, my question is Which Color Is More Suitable For You?

Color is very important for us and for our world. Colors have effects on our life, behaviors and thoughts also it causes blood pressure and appetite. But all colors cannot supplement each other and some of them are below to the original color range. Maybe one lipstick or one cloth is very attractive for someone and maybe not good for another one. This is because of the differences between colors.

In the makeup’s world, the recognition of these colors- coded depends on our skin ad they are the main components of the work. It is better to identify your own color.


How we can identify our color?

The skin has a different color’s shadows but we have only 3 main undertones. Do n’t make a mistake with your colors such as white, bronze and dark.

Undertones are under the skin layer, to identify the colors see your wrist vessel. If it looks blue or purple you have cold undertone and if it is green or yellow it has a warm colored and if it is a combination of both it is neutral.






Cold undertone ( pink, red or blue undertones)

If you have cold undertones the combination of the blue undertone is the best choice for you such as white, gray or black. You can also use pink and purple too. But it is better to take caution in using red and orange, these colors make you look upset.


Warm undertone ( yellow or golden or peachy)

You can use red, orange, yellow and brown for this undertone. The dark yellow and Rose gold makes your skin light. Avoid using colors such as gray, blue and white. These color look you dirty.


Neutral undertone (combination of warm and cold color)

If you have this combination it is better to use light color such cream and light pink and purple. The rough color such as violet or violet-blue can change your balance.

So we can answer the Which Color Is More Suitable For You question: it is better to wear a color that is suitable for you and it is near to your undertone color especially in shoes or bags.

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