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The List Of The Worst Foods You Can Eat

If you care about your health always ask this question that can I eat this or not? In this article, we write The List Of The Worst Foods You Can Eat so we want to talk about them.


Meat products

The American Cancer Research Institute believes that meat products such as sausages and hams increase colon cancer due to processes such as smoking, salt and adding preservative chemicals. While these foods are rich in salt, fat, and cholesterol, they are free of minerals neede by the body, such as fiber.


Potato chips

You should know that potato chips and French fries are rich in oils and fats, eating them cause weight gain but they have a cancerous substance called acrylamide. This material is produced when the food is cooked or fried at high temperatures.

One of the professors at Clark University in the united states says: “I estimate that thousands of people die each year due to acrylamide eating.”






Low-fat branded food

Watch out for low-fat labels on foods that want suppose you fool. Yogurt, milk, mayonnaise replaced sugar and salt with abnormal ingredients to give them a good taste. Instead of looking for a low-fat label, it’s better to make natural ingredients.



Although it is considered to be a substitute for butter cholesterol, margarine is rich in trans-fat. Eating it will increase your blood cholesterol and damage your veins. It is better to use olive oil or other unsaturated fats.


One of delicious example from our list is coca

One of the most effective ingredients of The List Of The Worst Foods You Can Eat that is a cause of weight gain is soda or coca. Each drink contains almost 10 teaspoons of sugar. In addition to obesity, eating 2 Cocas per week can double the risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Worse yet, eating more than 2 drinks per day will increase the risk of your death due to cardiovascular disease and increase the risk of diabetes.

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