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Homemade Natural Dry Shampoo

Today we have Homemade Natural Dry Shampoo recipe that is very suitable for different hair types. Many of us like to use natural cosmetic and make them at home instead of buying expensive makeup tools. Also, it is better to use natural shampoos and care about your hair health.


The properties of this shampoo for fantasy colors

When you colored your hair fantasy the chemical shampoos fade this colors as soon as possible. So if you like to have clean hair and use these colors we suggest you make this dry shampoo at home and use.





Cocoa powder ( it is better to use organic ones )

Lavender oil or rosemary






First step

For hair that has light color mix 5 teaspoons arrowroot, 2 teaspoons clay and a little cocoa powder in a small bowl.

For dark hair use 3 teaspoons arrowroot, 3 teaspoons cocoa powder and 2 teaspoons clay.


Second step

Now pour these powder in a blender and add 3 drops of lavender oil, 2 drops rosemary and 8 drops of mint oil. Then wait to mix well.


Third step

Now pour it in a bottle and every time you want to wash your hair.


How we can use?

Use a big fluffy brush and apply a little of this shampoo on your hair roots. You can also massage other parts of your hair.


This Homemade Natural Dry Shampoo has some properties that are very helpful for our hair. The arrowroot can volume your hair and the clay detoxify your roots, also the oil such as mint or lavender are very healthy for hair.

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