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Nocturnal Habits That Damage Your Hair

Some Nocturnal Habits That Damage Your Hair and make your hair strokes fragile. In this article, we want to talk about these bad habits.


Sleep with wet hair

When your hair is wet they are weak and fragile because of this reason experts said don’t brush your hair after bath immediately. When you sleep with wet hair or sleep with a towel your hair massage with pillow and towel then they can damage the cuticle and make it curl and dry.  So if you take a shower at night, make sure your hair is completely dry before bedtime.


Clamp your hair

Clamping can damage your hair. If you clamp the hair every time or at the bedtime and clamp it on one side your hair makes fragile. If you do not like your hair be open to sleep with woven hair.



If you want to raise your hair don’t use tight hair tie especially when your hair is wet and moist. This reason can damage your hair. You can clamp your hair with pins or cloths to damage your hair less.






Brush your hair

Before you go to the bed brush your hair because your scalp produces a natural oil. When you brush your hair this oil transfer into other parts of your hair. This oil helps your hair growth.


Using a cotton blanket

Silk is more delicate than cotton. When you put your head in a silk pillow it will not damage your hair. Also, there is no friction occur when you are sleeping with a pillow and your hair.


Use moisturizer

If you are washing your hair with the shampoo you need to moist your hair every night and wash in the morning. You use softener or coconut oil to moist your hair. When you wash your hair in the morning your hair is like as a silk.


Sleep with spray on your hair

The spray makes your hair dry but it is better don’t wash them at night. Just use a softener and brush then wash your hair in the morning.

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