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How To Eliminate Foot Bad Smell?

Many of us may have a bad smell of foot but this problem is more common among adult, pregnant women and people who suffer from heart disease and diabetes. There are nearly 500000 sweat glands in our leg that can cause sweating and when you wear sock and shoes transfer sweat to them. In this article, we want to talk about How To Eliminate Foot Bad Smell? And find some methods to treat this problem.


Wash your foot perfectly

Maybe you think to wash your foot is very easy and you can wash with a simple shower but this has a possible way.

To reduce, the bad smell washes it with anti-bacterial soap then after bath dry the all parts of your foot especially the distances between fingers. You can use powder spray every morning before you go out.






Homemade remedies

The ways such as salt bath, wash your foot with tea and vinegar have no effects when you wear wet and dirty socks. Try these methods:

Vinegar bath: put your foot in a washtub that mix with 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water. This can reduce all bad smells.

Wash with tea: put 4 or 5 tea bags in one-liter water then put your foot for 20 minutes daily.

Wash with salt: solute 1/2 cup sea salt with 4 cups of water then put your foot in this for 15 minutes after that dry your foot completely.

Powders: baking soda, baby powder, and talc powder can reduce the additional moist. You can also apply some lemon slices too. Also, you can spray the deodorant that you use for the body to reduce the sweat and bad smell.


Change your sock and shoe

It is the most important thing to change your socks every day and also use shoes and socks that have air conditioning. Artificial materials have less ventilation than natural materials. Polyester and nylon materials create more sweat than cotton. Natural materials create more ventilation and reduce bacterial growth. Wearing shoes without socks cause accumulate sweat and active bacteria over time.

How To Eliminate Foot Bad Smell? And how to prevent dead skin and moisture? Change your socks and turned inside out before you put in washing machine.

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