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The Best Foods For Improving Male Sexuality

The foods that you consume during the day have a lot of effects on your body health and your sexuality especially men. Many of us suffer from infertility problems but you must know that nutrition has an important role in enhances male genitalia. In this article, we want to introduce The Best Foods For Improving Male Sexuality.



Banana is one of the nourishing fruits that can influence men sexuality. It has Bromelain enzyme. Researchers believe that this enzyme can treat the impotence. Also, banana-rich in vitamin B and potassium because it has riboflavin that improves body energy.



By increasing blood flow, blood can easily be transmitted to other organs and can stimulate and increase the libido and help to strengthen the reproductive system. Spinach is also rich in folate which increases the flow of blood and improves the sexual power in advanced age.



Men who drink 2 or 3 cups coffee in a day  42% less likely to have erectile dysfunction than other men. Researchers said caffeine causes a series of reactions in the body that ultimately increases blood flow to the penis.



Vegetables such as tomato can improve the Sperm morphology. Men who consume tomato regularly have 8 or 10 % sperm more than others.




Spicy sauces and spices

Spices help men with warmth and high sexuality. Men who enjoy spicy flavored have higher testosterone levels than other people. According to research conducted with fast food consumption, increased sex organs and decreased fat content.



Eggs are rich in vitamin B6 and B5. These vitamins help the body to have hormonal balance and deal with the harmful effects of stress. In traditional medicine, it is advised to eat eggs before your sexual activity and increase your ability.



Almond is a good source of fatty acids. Fatty acids are the main material for men hormone. Also, almond help body to decrease stress. It is better to eat raw almond without any salt and sugar.



When you cook you can add more spices such as vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom that all of these spices are aphrodisiac. Vanilla is the perfect spice for men sexual power. Ginger is a warm spice and is good for men who are cold temper. You can consume some tsp ginger during the week for increasing your testosterone levels.


Dark chocolate

Cocoa can enhances excitement and emotions that strengthens orgasm and male reproductive system.


Fruits such as cherry, apple, and strawberry

These fruits can help you to improve sexual power. The Best Foods For Improving Male Sexuality such as strawberry is rich in vitamin C with a lot of anti-oxidants that keep the number of sperm in men up. The best suggestion is mix strawberry with dark chocolate and improves sexual power.

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