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Beauty Tricks For Rainy Day

All of us want to beautiful face and makeup on a rainy day. In this article, we want to explain some The Best Beauty Tricks For Rainy Day that you can use easily on your makeup. Stay with us and read this article.



If you don’t use primer yet I think it is the best choice for a rainy day. Before the start, makeup applies some primer drops on your face. By applying primer your makeup look on the skin for a long time also, primer makes your skin smooth too.


Using a color moisturizer or BB cream

In the rainy day it is better to use colored sunscreen but if you don’t like heavy cream you can apply a light moisturizer. These creams have a high coverage and can help your skin to look happier and smooth. The colored moisturizer has a good durability than normal cream and it is the best choice for rainy day makeup.


Waterproof mascara

It is necessary to use waterproof mascara on a rainy day, with these mascaras you need not be a worry for your makeup and your face and eyes look messy.






High-quality lipstick

It is better to use high qualities cosmetics especially lipstick. Mate lipstick has a long durability than other lipsticks and also they are waterproof too. So apply mate lipstick on your rainy day. If you want some shine it is better to rub some lip gloss.


Creamy blush

Applying blushes are the most important part of our makeup that can help us to have a happier and succulent face. In the rainy day, it is better to use creamy blushes with a high durability.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngSetting makeup spray

If you have a light makeup rainy day it is better to use a setting spray to fix your makeup. This way can help your makeup’s durability.


Do a light makeup

On rainy days it is better to do a light and simple makeup because using cosmetic a lot increase the possibility of deterioration. So it is better to use smoky eyes and glitter makeup for sunny days.

What The Best Beauty Tricks For Rainy Day you use? Share your tricks and method with us.

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