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Some Tricks To Have a Beauty Nails

Always you can find the best tricks and ways to get the best results.in this part of Best Life Facts, we want to talk about Some Tricks To Have a Beauty Nails and you can keep your polishes with the best ways.


Remove nail polish’s spots with toothpaste

Usually when you remove your nails and nail polishes some spots remain on the nail and make your nail yellow for solving this problem use white toothpaste and apply it on your nails and spread on your nail surface with a finger then clean it with a fluffy brush. Wash your hands and if you think your nails have spots yet repeat this action again.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngStrengthening your nail with different vitamins

Vitamins have a lot of effects on nail’s health, use vitamins such as biotin, zinc and vitamin B12 or use some natural food and ingredients in your diet.


Wear kitchen gloves

For washing dishes or clothes wear kitchen gloves because detergents and other chemical materials can impress on your nails and break them easily.


Use top coat

For make your nail polishes long durability it is better to use top coat before wear nail polishes and prevent from your nail polishes layered.




How clean our cuticle when wear nail polishes?

After you finish your nail polishing use a slim brush with acetone and rub it around your nail and cuticle.


Best way to wear nail polishes

At first, clean your nails and wear a layer of top coat. Then apply the nail polish from the tip of your nail and draw the brush to the bottom of the nail. Then apply the right side first then left.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngWear many layers of nail polishes

If you want to have beautiful nails it is better to wear many layers of nail polish instead of one thick layer. At first, apply one thin layer then let it dry and apply another layer. With this method, you have a smooth surface and beautiful nail polish.


Don’t dry your nail polishes with fan

Fans can dry your nail polishes faster but it makes bubbles on your nails. If you want to dry your nails faster put your nails in cold water.


Increase your nail growth

Massage your cuticles with moisturizer and help your nail’s growth and health.

Always have a nail file in your bag

It is better to have a nail file in your bag to prevent from nail broking or sharp edges.

Also, we have Some Tricks To Have a Beauty Nails and nail polishes if you want to have an attractive nail polish it is good to apply white color before rubbing your main color.

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