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Rejuvenation Your Skin With Fruit Peels

Fruit peels are rich in properties and most of us don’t know this. You can Rejuvenation Your Skin With Fruit Peels and have a healthy and attractive. Do not put your fruit peels away. Most of them have minerals and beneficial vitamins.  Fruit peels are rich in useful antioxidants and you can eat it.


Banana peel

We always peel off the skin but we don’t know how much banana peel is good for our health and body. Indians eat a banana with the peel. Also, nutritionist recommends that banana peel is good for weight loss. Fruit peel can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and reduce cancer as much as 30%.


Orange peel

This fruit peel is very helpful for our body and organ’s health.


Cucumber Peel

Cucumber peel is rich in different vitamins that are very useful for our body. You can prevent you early aging with the mask if cucumber and aloe vera. Aloe vera is very effective in protecting the skin against symptoms of early aging. Also, this mask can reduce wrinkles and is rich in antioxidants and eliminates the dark points that caused by aging.

Use half of the teaspoon or 5 drops of lime juice in this mask. Use one leaf of aloe vera, wash it then remove the gel with a spoon and mix with grated cucumber then apply on your face and wash it after 20 minutes with warm water then wash with cold water. Don’t rub this mask around your eyes and mouth because these areas are so sensitive.




Kiwi peel

You can eat this peel completely and is rich in minerals. According to the research, eating kiwi peel gives your 3 times fiber more than meat and make you feel full. Also, it has vitamin C and you can use it for your beauty and reduce your early aging.


Watermelon peel

Maybe you think this peel is useless but is rich in citrulline and magnesium. Citrulline in the body turns into arginine which causes blood circulation. After eating watermelon do not throw away the peel and Rejuvenation Your Skin With Fruit Peels especially this fruit is very useful for skin.

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