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Men Shave Their Face Easily

In this article, we want to talk about methods and ways that How Men Can Shave Their Face Easily and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different kind of razors and blades. Epictetus, one of the most famous philosophers of the Stoic cult believed that men who shaved their faces have a good and professional character.

Many years ago men started to shave their faces disposable razors and it took a lot of time to use a straight razor. Nowadays there are many methods to shave your face.


 Disposable Razor

You can use this razor only for one or two times.



These razors are cheap and you can buy 1 package that equal to 10 or 20 razors. They are helpful for trips or emergency uses.



On the other hand, these razors have light shank so it causes to use more pressure. This razor only work for 2 uses and the quality is usually low and its head is uncompromising, due to the low quality of the blades, the chances of not being completely shaved.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngElectric Razors

These machines are useful for men that traveling a lot.



You can use these machines everywhere even in your car. Also, you don’t need any shaving cream and water.



These shaver models have less efficient than double- edges. Although working with them is easy and quick but many men have skin inflammation after shaving with these machines.




Cartridge Razors

One of the popular razors is a cartridge that you can shave opposite your hair growth. They have plastic and metal shanks with a flexible head that form in different parts and the heads are stainless also they are available in up to 6 pieces.



You can change the razors and cartridge can support 4 shaves. They are safe and the possibility of facial hurts is low.



These razors are too expensive and it is hard to pack it and carry with yourself. When you want to shave your beards the hair follicle stops in between the blades and you must clean the blade several times and re-shaved.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngSafety Razors

Now it’s time to return to the old days. This model of shaving blades is one of the tools your grandparents might use. The edges move from the blade to the skin to prevent from cutting the skin.



Based on consumption, this blade can be replaced once a week. It works for you for a long time. To use this razor correction, a very gentle pressure is required, and then there is no news of subcutaneous hair, skin damage.



To use this razor you must practice for a time and requires a lot of care to don’t hurt your skin.


Straight Razors

They are very sharp and too hard. Their shanks make from wood, bone, plastic, and metal. This blade model is usually made according to the customer’s desire and the comfort of his hand.



The sharp edge can help you to have the best shaving and you can sharp the razor at home.



These razors are very dangerous and hurt you easily.

What kind of razor do you use to shave your face?  What is your idea about How Men Can Shave Their Face Easily? Share your experiences with us and leave a comment.

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