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What Is The Big Cause Of Hiccups?

The hiccup is not well understood. The short hiccups are because of the stomach upset. They will be stopped and cure after a short time by our homemade trends. Some physiological factors can cause hiccups, like: drinking soda, swallowing air when eating or eating too much. Changes in stomach temperature after eating sodas or cold or hot foods can be a stimulant. This pain is so annoying and really we should know What Is The Big Cause Of Hiccups?

Neurological disease and mental can also be the starter of hiccups, including stress and personality disorders.


Physical illnesses can also be the cause of hiccups, including neurological diseases such as injuries, infections, and brain lesions. Also, Cerebrovascular stimulation is one of the important causes of hiccups. It can also be noted that there is a foreign object in the ear or an infection of the throat, goiter, stomach ulcers, intra-abdominal infections, pulmonary infections that are hiccup stimulator. And again we can say heart attacks are sometimes a factor in hiccups.

The use of some drugs, especially those used in psychiatric neuropsychiatric diseases, is one of the causes of hiccups.

But the long hiccups are so infrequent and they can Cause depression, weight loss, and sleep disorders in the patient.







Causes of long-term hiccups


If you have long hiccups, can be for these reasons:

Eating or drinking hot drinks and foods or stimulating substances


Drinking alcohol

Using drugs

Stomach, Esophageal, Gastrointestinal Disorders


Bladder stimulation


Extending cancer from one part of the body to the liver

Recent surgery, especially surgery on the abdomen


Emotional Causes

As we say, eating so much can cause the hiccups. If you eat so much and fast, breathing so deeply, sudden changes in our stomach, drinking cold after hot drinks, can make hiccups for you. But when you know What Is The Big Cause Of Hiccups? You can stop it so soon.

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