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How To Stop Nose Bleeding Soon

Most of the times the nose bleeding is not so serious and we should not be a worry. Nose bleeding usually occurs when the nasal membrane is dry and irritated, and small blood vessels in the nose are torn due to the pressure. And some hurting of the face can cause nose bleeding too. We can stop them so easily. Now we want to explain How To Stop Nose Bleeding Soon to be calm.

When your nose is bleeding, you should sit or stand soon and avoid to sleep. Tilt your weight forward and get your nostrils together. This work let you stop the bleeding or pouring the bleed on your mouth. Push on the nose for about 10 minutes. And avoid to let away your nose and keep in so strong. and if your bleeding stopped, again keep them for 5 minutes.


Preventing Bleeding

Blowing your nose slowly and do not apply excessive pressure to your nose. Because it can Stimulate nasal congestion. Always use an aerator in cold seasons to keep your nose wet and moisture. You can use some drops of Sterile and Vaseline too. do not put your finger in your nose never.






Preventing nose bleeding again

Avoid to blowing your nose after the nose bleeding. Because it can damage your vessels again. Avoid to put your fingers in your nose and blowing your nose for 24 hours after bleeding. Keep your head in the top and avoid to blow, strain or tangle. This actions will reduce the blood pressure on your nose and will stop bleeding soon.


Warning signs

The bleeding for more than 20 minutes is serious and you should go to a doctor soon. If your bleeding is because of some hits on your head, you should again go to a doctor to be calm there is no problem. Talk to your doctor if you have experienced frequent bleeding from the nose. It is possible that blood-thinning drugs such as aspirin or warfarin help to resolve your problem. Now you know How To Stop Nose Bleeding Soon and you can do something great in those times.

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Angela Grant October 22, 2018 at 11:10 am

Good post! Would like to add applying pressure by pinching your nostrils for 20 minutes with an ice pack will stop most nose bleeds also called epistaxis. People get nose bleeds more often in the winter because the mucosa is dry and they nose pick.

When you are experiencing nose bleeds and want to sneeze pinch your nostril and open your mouth. This prevents you from sneezing and restarting or making the epistaxis worse.

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