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The Perfect glasses Model For Your face

For choosing a correct frame for glasses that suitable for your face must attention some points. This article is a guide for The Perfect glasses Model For Your face. In general, we have 4 main model shapes. Circle face, ellipse form. Heart shaped and rectangular shape. Before you choose a glass it is better what kind of shape you have.

If you don’t know correctly what kind of shape you have it good to read this article and choose the right one.

If you have prominent cheeks and the width of forehead and jaw is identical you have a circle shape.

Ellipse is a shape that all parts of the face have a balanced form and the forehead and jaw are oblong and narrow.

In rectangular shape usually, the jaw bone is angular and prominent also have the same side with the forehead.

Persons who have heart-shaped face has a wide forehead and their facial features have a cone-shaped from forehead with narrow chin and jaw.







The best glasses for circle faces

Best choice for this shape is glasses with sharp edges frames. This model makes face rounding less and another model is cat frames that is very popular for these people.


The best glasses for ellipse form

Well, you are lucky ones if you have this type of face because you can choose a wide range of medical glasses models and be sure to fit the look of the model with your face shape. You can choose frames or slim frames or glasses with colorful and bold frames and they are a good choice for your style.


The best glasses for rectangular faces

It is better to omit the sharp edges frames and choose the glasses with round or ellipse frames, these glasses help your facial features balanced.


The best glasses for hear shaped

It is good to get ideal from your face and choosing glasses that are wider in the upper part than the bottom. The glasses with large frames helps to attract the attention to your eyes and makes your look full.

Find The Perfect glasses Model For Your face and choose the right one to be more stylish and attractive. If you want to look magical it is good to wear a right and suitable glasses.




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