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All Effective Tips Of Using Eye Lens

Someone can not use eyeglasses and eye lens is a point for them to use instead of eyeglasses. And they get rid of wearing eyeglasses. So if they decide to use eye lens, they should know All Effective Tips Of Using Eye Lens.


What is the cause of using a lens?

Twenty-five percent of people with glasses use lenses. In addition, lens helps to The field of view of the individual will increase. Because eyeglasses decrease the field of view. The lens is a good choice, In cases where the score of the two eyes is not equal.


Can a lens be used for refractive problems?

Can a lens used for close-ups, cameras, chiropody and astigmatism that are refractive errors? Astigmatism is related to the cornea problem, and the lens can be a good cure. But if astigmatism is for intraocular bugs of our eyes, the lens cannot do anything. Sometimes a lens can be effective for the cure of astigmatism and correcting glasses score.


Is there a special lens for the elderly?

There is some lens for elder persons. We have some lens that they are far away from sights, study. We have some lens that is for someone who wants to see near and far.







What is the problem if a person mistakenly takes a lens?

With blink a few times, the lens will be fixed on your eyes. If you fix the astigmatism lens wrong, they will be fixed after 1 or 2 minutes by the eye movements.


Can we prepare the colored or beauty lens by ourselves?

Oxygen does not cross the colored lens. But we suggest using the colored lenses. Or use them for a short time. You should know that there is a difference between the colored lens and a normal lens. And both of them should used for a short time. We can use the therapeutic lens for a day or longer but the beauty lens should use for a ceremony or 4 hours. The colored lens can hurt your eyes.


What is the discomfort caused by the lens?

Lenses can cause redness, sting, intolerance, itching, burning, and tears. You should go to a doctor every 3 months and if there is a problem, try to cure or change your lens.


How you should keep the lens?

If you use a lens, you should have placed the lens and the liquid of the lens in your bag always. Because sometimes you are forced to change the lens because of the air duct. Dust can stick to the cornea and if it is dirty and infectious, it will infect the lens. So you should have those appliances to change and wash your lens, whenever you feel you need. And if your problem were not solved in this way, it shows another serious problem. So if you use the lens, you should know All Effective Tips Of Using Eye Lens. And have lens by a doctor.

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