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5 Big Common Reasons To Wake Up Overnight

The hot weather will make your sleep so hard. The degree of the room and your clothes have big effects on your body heat. Waking up in the midnights is so normal and a part of our nature. Also, 4 to 6 times waking up is so normal. But the point is, to sleep after we wake up. If you can not sleep, we will tell 5 Big Common Reasons To Wake Up Overnight.


1: Need for urinary excretion

The Nocturia has so many stimulants. But if you drank so few waters and again you feel to go to war so much, it can be a big problem for you. It can be because of loss of balance between water and electrolytes of your body. And if you drink so much water, but you didn’t use enough salt, your body tries to urinary excretion and wakes you up.

Solution: drink one glass of water and sea salt 30 minutes before your sleep. Sea salt will help you to pour the water in all your cells. Salt with water can help to keep both of them in your body.


2: Excessive heat

The excessive heat can make your sleep so bad and hard. The room heat, whatever you wear, and your sleeping appliances will be so effective on your body heat.

Solution: people can sleep in a special degree. But the 60 to 65 degree is an ideal degree for most of us. We suggest taking shower before sleep. A hot shower can reduce your body heat and have a relationship with your mind to have a good sleep.



5BigCommonReasonsTo WakeUpOvernight



3: Exposure to displays

If you work with your social networks before your sleep, it can really make your sleep hard. If your eyes were front to lights before your sleep, the producing of Melatonin, Sleep hormone will stop. Cellphones, tablets, digital devices are something that can make your sleep so hard and bad.

Solution: reduce your room lights and avoid to be in front of the light 1 hour before your sleep.

Researches show that the blue lights of digital devices are the important reason. And if it is necessary to use them, try to reduce their lights and put them far from your face.


4: Using alcohol

Alcohol can make you sleepy at first but after some minutes can damage your sleep. Alcohol will destroy your sleep process and avoid to have a good sleep.

Solution: there is no alcohol drink that can give you a good sleep. And if you drink some of them, you should know to have some problems.


5: stress

If you have stress because of each reason, they make your sleep damage.

Solution: the mind meditations can have big positive effects on your mind and help to have good sleep. Psychotherapy can be a good solution for someones who has stress. If you read these 5 Big Common Reasons To Wake Up Overnight and follow them, lots of your sleep problems will solve.

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