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Does The Sauna Make You Slim And Fit?

A nutrition expert believes, sauna has no effect on slimming and just can waste your body water.  And sauna is not a scientific way to weight loss. And using sauna so more can make you lots of problems. So we should know that Does The Sauna Make You Slim And Fit?


The adult body contains 55 or 65 percent of water and it is so more in a child. And we will sweat so more in hot weather. And sauna just can damage our body water, not fats.


You will loss 2 or 3 kg by the sauna. But the lost thing is not fats, they are water. Fats burn in metabolism. For increasing the metabolism we should exercise so much.


The exercise will increase our body heat and at last burn or fats. But the heating of the sauna just can lose our body water, not fats.



DoesTheSaunaMakeYouSlimAnd Fit?



The low water in our body can make some serious problems like reduce blood can reduce the blood out of the heart and increased Blood Concentration too.


Another hurt of high sweating is increased excretion of potassium and sodium that an imbalance in body water and electrolyte and low blood pressure. Those are so terrible and can lead to a person’s fainting.


Our suggestion is to use sauna less and just for a free time activity. If someone asks you Does The Sauna Make You Slim And Fit? Tell these to them.

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Raja Srinivasan October 19, 2018 at 10:01 am

An important point explained in a simple manner for easy and clear physiological understanding.

denibelive October 19, 2018 at 9:50 pm


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