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Why Are We Fat In The Winter?

There are many reasons for weight gain in the winter such as depression. But the question is Why Are We gain weight In The Winter?


Weight gain is a pervasive problem that no longer knows the day, month, or season. As the winter enters the ground, it becomes heavier and will stop getting younger when it comes to getting the first snowy winter. The body, like the earth, becomes heavier with the arrival of the winter and the effects of weight gain are revealed.


In the winter we use hot and high calories, eat cakes, these tempting behaviors, along with a reduction in physical activity, increase calorie intake but reduce burning. The result of this is to get an excess calorie that ultimately leads to overweight.


Avoid going out

As your temperature drops, your motivations will also decrease. When you come home from work, would you like to go out again and go to the club?







So, it’s likely that you will not be exercising as much as the air is cooling down in the week. Even if you succeed, you can go on a regular basis, and you’re still spending more time at home or at work, so you do not go out too much, so it’s going to slow down. When the air was warmer you were more likely to go out and so the amount of activity and calories you burned over the day was higher.

Also, you watch tv and eat a lot, research showed that people who are watching tv for more than 120 minutes a day they use more fats and vegetables.


Eating to be relax

Winter is not only depressing, but it can also increase the level of your stress. You are constantly late because you have to heat the car and take the ice out of its glass, and a cold can cause your stuff to accumulate.


Have a plan for your sleep

When your mood fluctuates, you may have trouble sleeping. In fact, if you have a seasonal mood disorder, you may spend more time resting and lying down without really sleeping, just like people with a problem with insomnia. Why Are We gain weight In The Winter? Because of The collapse of the rhythm of sleep can affect the level of leptin, which is the hormone of garlic. Decreased leptin increases appetite and thus leads to weight gain..

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