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Make Parsley Soap To Have A Healthy Skin

Enthusiasts of the beauty and youth use natural methods to treat their acne, darkness, and rashes. They Make Parsley Soap To Have A Healthy Skin and use this natural and homemade soap as a treatment.  This soap is a good herbal remedy that used as a cosmetic product.


Main properties of parsley

Use best and natural product to get a good result. The main goal of using parley soap reduces acne and rashes, but it is good for sensitive skin too. Parsley exerts its effect on the skin gradually. Your face doesn’t change fast you must be patient to achieve the best result.






The ingredients

Half of a cup boiled parsley

Half of a cup green tea

2 tbsp milk powder

2 tbsp oatmeal

2tbsp honey

6 tbsp Glycerine soap


How to prepare?

For making this soap we need a wooden spoon. Boiled Parsley leaves with half of cup water then after cooling using a strainer to get the boiled and smooth parsley.


Then mix boiled parsley with milk powder, oatmeal, and honey in a bowl and stir with a wooden spoon well to make it like a cream.


In other bowl melt, the Glycerine over medium heat then add it to the mixture then pour the mixture in a container and let it solid then use it.


How use this soap?

Wash your face with cold water. Because the soap is natural and doesn’t have any contain preservatives, it is quickly cleaned with water, so rub your hands and apply soap to foam. Be sure you have no makeup then apply the sop on your face and massage your skin for 5 minutes then wash your face with cold water. Use this soap four times a week. If you have acne and some rashes on your skin Make Parsley Soap To Have A Healthy Skin and after that don’t forget to apply sunscreen.


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This is great and very well written 👍 congratulations

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I will definitely try this!

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Wow this is seriously innovative, I have never thought of making soap using parsley

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Thank you for this! I can’t wait to try it!

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Woww 😳😳, didn’t know that existed, will tryyy

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Ooooooh. I betcha that smells so fresh.

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Great recipe!

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Wow, never thought of a parsley soap! Great!

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Great info!

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fantastic !

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Very interesting. Thanks 😊

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I’ll be making this tonight! Thank you!

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