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The Great And Magical Natural dental pain Treatments

A toothache is so painful and intolerable. Especially when it starts at nights and we can not do anything or go to the hospital. So we should have some natural and homemade methods to cure it. The Great And Magical Natural dental pain Treatments is so easy, just we should know what to do.



Eugenol is an oil of clove. This oil is so common in the toothache products. The mashed cloves can reduce your tooth pain and clean your mouth from bacteria too.



The ginger root is an old method to cure a toothache. At first, peel the ginger and then put on your teeth. It will reduce your pain.



Garlic is an effective ingredient for our food. But sometimes we can use it for a toothache too. garlic is one of the best antibiotics in the world. Mash the garlic and put it on your teeth. It will remove your pain. Some doctors believe that garlic can gingival irritation. So put the ginger just in the painful teeth.



Lemon has vitamin C and strong citric acids. So it can be effective for your tooth pain. Put a lemon layer on your teeth and after gurgle the water with salt.







Putting a raw onion piece on your teeth can reduce lots of your pain. Onion is antibacterial and can control your tooth pain. Some people believe that onion can be so better than chemical treatments.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngLavender and Turmeric

Those two natural care can really reduce your tooth pain. Turmeric can reduce gingival infections.



Thyme is suggested for the tooth pain. This natural care has disinfectant properties, antifungal and medicinal. Thyme can avoid the gum diseases and teeth decay. Thyme and fenugreek are so effective for treatments for bacterial infections. You can boil the thyme and mint to remove all the bacteria of your mouth.


Mint leaves

The researches show that the mint leaves and oil can be so great for a toothache. Some people say that chewing mint can be good too. put some mint leaves on your teeth and chew them to mash them. Then wash your mouth with salt and water.

All of these methods are The Great And Magical Natural dental pain Treatments and we suggest each of them you have and can have in your pain times.

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nice post dear, its really helpful

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it really works i am a dentist n would recommend others

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