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Which Model Of mustache is Suitable For You?

One of the things that can change men’s face is the mustache. But the main question is Which Model Of mustache is Suitable For You? Choosing a mustache model is based your face form that can increase your beauty.

We have a classic mustache model that named mercury’s model. For having this model you just cut you mustaches a little. Another model of mustache is handlebar that is very bushy with small points at the end. A lot of people use this model of a mustache.


Another model named Walrus that looks like a walrus’s mustaches. The whiskers are very thick and very bushy, and they drop right over the mouth. This is a very traditional model and covers your lips. We have U model that you may think it is hard to have these model but if you like have this mustache you need a long mustache.

English model has a unique model and it’s quite long and they are pulled to the side. It is narrow at the middle and upper lip.






Best mustache with your face form

If you have a small face you must try thin mustaches. Then cut your mustache regularly to don’t lose your attraction.


For men who have thin lips, it is better to use long mustaches and pulled on the side to show your lips wider.


For men who have wide lips use small mustaches and cut your upper and side hairs of mustaches.


The men who have thin faces it is good to have handlebar model to show your face fat.


Those men who have long face use U model to show your face small. If your face is like a circle use the mustache that has a sharp side this model is traditional. For square faces use square mustaches to show your jaw angles beautifully. And we suggest for men that have oval faces choose thin mustaches to get some angles to your face and show your face thin.

Well, what do think about mustaches? Which Model Of mustache is Suitable For You? If you have any idea about mustaches post a comment for us.



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Riverside Peace October 15, 2018 at 1:53 pm

Not me but my hubby has one like the first photo but he doesn’t have a beard.

covenantchronicles October 15, 2018 at 3:08 pm

I sport the Classic model, clean and neat. Had it since the Military.

authorcherie October 16, 2018 at 3:22 am

Oooh! I love hair on a man’s face! YESSS.
The only one I probably wouldn’t like is the thick, twisted, turned up on the sides! I think it will swallow me up when kissed. lol Don’t know.

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