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All The Properties Points Of Compotes


You always heard that you should have fruits and vegetables during a day. But some people have a digestive problem with fresh fruits. There is a question that can we have compotes instead of fresh fruits? Do you think compotes have any properties or are they good for your health? Or they lose their vitamins? So read this great article to be familiar with All The Properties Points Of Compotes and have fruits in your day easily.


Compotes are some cooked fruits. And child loves compotes more than fresh fruits. You should know that compotes have vitamins and they didn’t lose any vitamins and nutrients.


You know that vitamin C can be damaged by heat. But the compote producer add Ascorbic acid for compensation of vitamin C. so the industrial compotes have the same vitamin C as the fresh fruits.






There is vitamin A precursors in compotes. Like carotenoids, that they are in peach or grapefruit, apricot.


We can say that because of the high heats the nutrients will be more absorbed to your body. And the persons who have a digestive problem, can have compotes easier than fruits and use fibers better too.

Carotenoids help to your health so much. They have antioxidant and can prevent the cancers too.

The main problem about compotes is the added sugar. The industrial compotes have lots of sugar. It is better to use some compotes that they are sugar-free. Sugar-free compotes are the same as the fresh fruits.

If you can not eat the fresh fruits, use compotes and know All The Properties Points Of Compotes. You can use compotes as a c.


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anilkumar2018 October 13, 2018 at 12:41 pm

This was a useful report for people who no knowledge about it . Your post will inspired many people those read your post and follow these information.

denibelive October 14, 2018 at 6:26 pm


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