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Between Apple And Orange Which One Is Healthier?

Orange became famous and lovely because of vitamin C, but we can find this antioxidant in fruits and vegetables such as apples. Well one question is important that is Between Apple And Orange Which One Is Healthier? Both of them are famous and delicious but which one most nutrients?


You have probably heard many times that you will not need a doctor with eat an apple a day, but this is a proverb and many years ago one company used this for its commercial.


Apple nutrients

One cup of apples contains 65 calories and 13 grams of sugar. This amount of sugar is high for a meal, but as with most fruits, apples balance the high sugar content with a healthy dose of fiber. The fiber helps in the processing of sugar in the body. A cup of apple will provide 12% of the daily fiber needed.

One plate of apple slices can supply 10% of people daily requirements. Also, one cup of apples contains 5% of the calcium. In the case of vitamins and other substances such as vitamin K, potassium and vitamins B, apple does not have much content between one to four percent.

Maybe make you surprised but apple contain 1% of daily protein.






Orange nutrients

One plate of orange has 85 calories and 17gr of sugar which is slightly more than apples. Like apple, the sugar content of orange is also balanced by the fiber contained in this fruit. A plate of orange can provide 17% of your daily fiber.

Orange provides strong statistical vitamins and minerals. In an orange cup, 160% of vitamin C and 7% of human calcium are needed. Also, potassium and riboflavin content of orange is almost twice as high, vitamin B6 is 1.5 times that of folic acid and 14 times that of apples.

The answer of our question that Between Apple And Orange Which One Is Healthier? we can say orange is healthier and nutrients. The content of orange protein in a plate is three times higher than apple and provides three percent of the daily protein.


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Its really amazing as most of us think that apple is healthuer than Orange.

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Good information- can we eat half of apple and half of orange.

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