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Marvelous And Easy Usage OF Ice

Ice is not just for cooling water and beverages, but also has other very Marvelous And Easy Usage OF Ice that you do not know. In all houses, you can find ice and use it for many usages. It should be noted that ice, in addition to the use of cooling, has other interesting applications as well.


Unlock the sink with ice

If your sink is due to fat accumulation, you can collect fats by dropping a few ices inside the sink (because the fats are attached to ice molds) and easily fix the sink clogging.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngEliminates clothes wrinkles with ice

To straighten overly wrinkled clothes, it is only necessary to wrap the ice in a cloth before putting it on a piece of cloth and drag it onto the cloth.


Using ice for making rice warm

To warm the rice, place a piece of ice on it, and then insert it in the macro so that your rice does not dry up in the microwave.






Use ice to irrigate pendant plants

If you can not reach yout pendant palnts, put a few pieces of ice in the pot to irrigate. You can use this method to irrigate the Christmas tree that irrigates it.


Avoid blistering

After burning, Use a piece of ice to prevent blistering.

Eliminating the taste of the drug is one of the ice usage

Children don’t like drugs bitter taste, you can temporarily numb the children tongue then give the medicine.


Ice usage in cooking and kitchen

If your cuisine have a lot fats and oils you can put a piece of ice in cuisine to remove oils.

Make your sauce smooth with ice

Pour sauce in a bottle and add ice to it then shake it for a few seconds. Remove the ice and use your sauce.


Use ice to bring down particles from children’s hand

If a thorn, a wood chip or such a thing is in the hands of your child, you can use a sterile needle to get the particles tucked in, before you can use a piece of ice on the place to work to make the painless and fast particle work.

Use these Marvelous And Easy Usage OF Ice in your housekeeping role. Share your idea with us and if you know other usage of ice tell us.


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graphicgrub October 7, 2018 at 2:01 pm

I will have to try the rice tip.

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Who knew ice could do all that? You always have so many helpful hints. Thank you.

Ananya October 7, 2018 at 7:00 pm

This is so helpful

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great informative

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