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Great Important Mistakes in Eating Fruit

Fruits are so good for your health and are full of antioxidant to confront cancers. But you should know some serious alarms before eating fruits. Now we collect some Great Important Mistakes in Eating Fruit, to use them in the best ways.


You think all the fruits are the same

What can make the berry and pineapple different? Also, both of them have great vitamins for your body. (pineapple is full of folate and vitamin B6 and berries are full of fiber and vitamin C) but they have a different amount of sugar and fiber carbohydrates. The best fruits have huge amounts of polyphenol (The chemical that fights inflammation) in their selves. And their glycemic index is also low. Glycemic index shows that how much a food can increase your blood sugar. The fruits have less glycemic are better. And they will quietly be digested and they do not increase your blood sugar immediately. You will be hungry late.

The berries have a huge amount of polyphenol and their glycemic index is less. At whole the dark color fruits like grapes have more antioxidants and their sugar is less too.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngAn unspecified amount of fruit you eat

Lots of the diets let you eat vegetables and fruits as you want. But we think that is not so good. You can use so many vegetables but you should care so much to eat some fruits. Some of the fruits are so delicious and yummy and sometimes we eat them so much. So our blood sugar increase and we will be fat soon.

How much we should eat fruits? We suggest for adult 2 cups per day. But it can be different to your ages and body too.


Based on your hunger rate, you do not have a different choice

Are you hungry? Is it so soon to eat your food? Or just you want to eat some healthy food instead of harmful snacks. Before you choose any things, make clear for yourself that a big apple has 120 calories and a small apple has 53 calories. And a big orange is similar to a small apple.



GreatImportantMistakesinEating Fruit



You eat fruits alone

We say that a slice of fruit is so better than a slice of chocolate. But we say that some fruits can increase your blood sugar soon and decrease it soon too. mix the fruits with some protein like cheese or almond butter. Especially if you have diabetes, it is so important to eat protein with your fruits. If you do not care this, your heartbeat will increase.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55)You do not buy organic fruits

The organic fruits are more expensive but they are valuable. We suggest buying some fruits like apple, grapes, organic because they use pesticides for them and it will keep their nutrients more.


You don’t eat fruit peel

The fruit skin is full of vitamins and antioxidant. For example, apple peel is full of vitamin C and fiber or vitamin A. and apple peel can avoid your gain weight.


You don’t eat fruits, drink juices

The fruit juice has not fiber like the fruits. Fiber can avoid pouring the glucose in your blood soon. So eat the fruits completely. You can drink their smoothies too. Great Important Mistakes in Eating Fruit are so essential for your health and can keep you more healthy.


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