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Easy Homemade Slimming Powder Recipe

Use industrial and chemical slimming powder has a lot of risk. Today we want to introduce Easy Homemade Slimming Powder Recipe. You can use this powder to lose weight. The best slimming powder that has vegetarian and natural ingredients, so start working to make this powder.


How make this powder at home?

Today, obesity is growing everywhere in the world because people eating fast food a lot and use vehicles rather than walking. Fat people think it’s hard to lose weight and they believed have a slim body is a dream. Use chemical powder is dangerous for our health and body, it’s better to make our natural powder and use.






Herbal Slimming Powder Therapeutic Properties


Fitness and weight loss

Burning excess fat

Easier digestion of food and accelerates gastrointestinal activity


The ingredients with celery seed and caraway

Celery seed           10gr

Caraway                10gr

Lacquer tree seed   25gr

Hamas                     25gr

Anise                       10gr

Dried mint              10gr



At first, mix all ingredients together then grind it.

For using this powder add one tablespoon warm water and eat this powder before each meal.


The important point:

To make the better effect of this Easy Homemade Slimming Powder Recipe, use low calorie and change your diet to lose weight. Don’t use this powder in pregnancy and lactation.

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