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Clean Your Brushes With Easy Tips

The cleaning of cosmetic brushes is very important, cosmetic brushes that are in contact with the skin are required to be washed regularly and properly. Brushes not only eliminate cosmetic paints but also make it possible to get rid of bacteria that can cause acne. Fortunately, you can Clean Your Brushes With Easy Tips.

First, moisten the brush’s hair in lukewarm water. Next, fill a small bowl with 1/4 cup water and 1 teaspoon baby shampoo.


Wash the bottom half of the brush with a mixture and then use your fingers to wash the brush with any kind of contamination or makeup and rinse them again in lukewarm water. Shape the brush with your fingers and let it dry. Read this article to learn how to use brushes that are used for makeup.


Brush cleaning with the aim of removing cosmetics

If you use a brush for applying the cream, soap and water will not enough to clean the brushes. You need a little bit of oil to remove cosmetics – especially if it’s been on the brush for a long time.


Pour some oil on the tissue

You can use almond oil or olive oil. Pour some oil o the tissue and Swirl hairbrush in oil. Do not rub the brush in oil. Slide the brush back and forth onto the tissue to remove dirt.





Wash with warm water

Make sure the brush is bent downwards in the water flow. Do not wet the handle because it can cause iron rust or loose adhesive inside it. Extract water from the hair until you remove most of the old cosmetics. Do not use hot water, as heat may damage it.


Wash with water and shampoo

If you do not have a shampoo, you can use soap instead. You should wash the brush more than once.


Rotate the brush in the palm of your hand

Pour some shampoo on your palm and using circular motions for the brush. Hairs should be glued to the skin continuously. You’ll see the dirty palm of your hand. This is due to dirty hair brushes.


Wash brush with warm water again

Use your fingers to massage your hair while cleaning with shampoo and water. Continue until the water is cleaned. If the brush is very dirty, it may be necessary to wash it more than once. If the water is still opaque, wash it for the second time, then rinse again. Continue until the water that passes through the brush is cleaned.

Before drying the brushes it is better to disinfecting them with water and vinegar. Clean Your Brushes With Easy Tips and have a beautiful skin and get rid of acne and rashes.

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Soooooo important to keep those makeup brushes clean. 🦋

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    It is so important for your skin health

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Thank you for these easy tips.. 😊

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