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Have A Shiny Skin With Orange Peels

In this article we want to talk about orange skin mask and properties and learn how to Have A Shiny Skin With Orange Peels. This article learns us to reduce our rashes, acne and skin’s fat. Orange is one of the international fruits that rich in vitamin C and have benefits for skin health.


Before we learn about properties, let’s read about how to prepare orange Peel powder:

Pour the orange peels into the tray

Place them in a tray with a distance

Take 2-3 days to dry up

When dried, grind them

Use this powder daily.



Because of the antioxidant properties of orange is a good treatment for blackheads. Mix 2 tablespoons of orange peel powder with milk then massage it on the face for 15 minutes then rinse it. You can use twice a day.


Skin Brightening:  

Mix 2 or 3 tablespoons of orange powder with yogurt. Add some honey and turmeric to the face mask, because of the high amount of vitamin C in orange peel, collagen increases in the skin.





Acne treatment:

Orange skin is not just for removing blackheads, but also it is very effective in removing acne and acne.


Mix two tablespoons of barley powder and a tablespoon of yogurt and add a tablespoon of liquid paste to the face and massage the face. After a few minutes, rinse it with water, use it twice a day.

Avoid to blocking of skin pores: Orange peel powder is effective not only for acne and pimple, but also to prevent clogged pores.

2 tablespoons of orange peel powder – 1 teaspoon of turmeric – 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of dough paste to get hard toast.

Apply this mask for a few minutes on the face and then rinse it with cold water. This is a very effective way to wash dust and makeup from your face.

Help to clean skin: Orange deeply cleans the skin and keeps the skin moist for a long time.

Combine the powder of orange peppermint, turmeric and rose water and massage for a few minutes on the face, and then rinse it. This version helps skin nourishes the skin and Have A Shiny Skin With Orange Peels.


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denibelive September 30, 2018 at 5:47 pm


ourlittleredhouseblog September 30, 2018 at 6:28 pm

Great information, thanks for the tips. I usually just eat the oranges didn’t know they did so much more.

    Linda Jones October 1, 2018 at 4:10 pm

    Always the natural ones are more better and can help us more

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