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How To Color Your Lips Pink With Beetroot?

Everyone want pink and soft lips, you can buy everything such as lip balms or moisturizer and use them but why you don’t try natural and home remedies way? Read this article in best life and be familiar with How To Color Your Lips Pink With Beetroot?


Beetroot for lips

Anyone who has handled a beetroot knows that they stain everything they come into contact with. So it makes sense to fashion a lip product out of it. Beetroot lends your lips a gorgeous pink tint and at the same time, clears up lip pigmentation. All-natural, chemical free, and inexpensive – this is lip makeup at its absolute best! Want to learn how to use it?

Follow these steps to stain your lips to get that baby soft and baby pink look.


Step 1:

Washing the beetroot with water, then peel the outer layer off, Chop the beetroot and put it in the blender. Grind it completely till there is a visible watery residue.

Make sure that you do not add water to the beetroot as it will dilute the vibrancy of the color.





Step 2:

Carefully strain the juice of the grated beetroot, and make sure that no bits and pieces make their way into it. Transfer it immediately into a clean container to store it for future use. You can use an old lip balm case to store the tint.


Step 3:

Add about a teaspoon of coconut oil to the beetroot tint. If you are looking for a sheer lip color, you can add a little more coconut oil. If you end up using less than a teaspoon of oil, then the formula of the lip tint will turn out to be dry and flaky on your lips. You can replace the coconut oil with honey.

Place the container in the refrigerator and wait for the tint to solidify before using.

As soon as it is applied, your lips will take on a gorgeous pink which looks stunning on any skin tone.


Bonus Tip for How To Color Your Lips Pink With Beetroot?: You can add granulated sugar to the tint to make yourself a lip scrub.

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