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Wonderful Ways To Clean Smudges On The Mirror


It’s hard for some people to clean mirror spots, so we are here to give you some Wonderful Ways To Clean Smudges On The Mirror.


How we can clean the mirror?

White vinegar

Add 1/4 glass of warm water to one glass of apple vinegar. Pour this dilution in a spray bottle then you can use it for cleaning the mirror. You can use newspaper or cotton cloth.

Now you can give a shine and amazing clarity to the mirror.


Coffee filter

This is an unusual method but excellent for cleaning mirrors. This product is without fluffy and cleans all the scratched signs from your mirror. Having a coffee filter for the brilliant mirror is necessary.


Shave cream

Shaving cream is a disinfectant that can dispose of steam. Using a tissue paper. Apply a shaving cream to the mirrors and clean the mirror with a wet tissue.


Nail polish remover

For removing spots from the mirror using a cotton and nail polish remover, rub on the mirror and clean it carefully.






Soap and alcohol

Mix 1tbsp detergents with one cup of alcohol and add one cup of water. Pour this mixture in a spray bottle and clean the mirror with a cloth.


Air fresheners

Spray your air fresheners on the mirrors and clean the spots with a tissue. This air freshener not only removes stunning spots from the mirror but also gives it a wonderful smell.



To have a shiny mirror, try a cup of tea. Pour some tea in a dish and let it cool then soak a soft cloth with tea and clean the mirror. After that wipe your mirror with a soft and dry cloth.



Do you want a clean mirror? So mix 1tbsp cornstarch with 1/4 glass of water and clean your mirrors with a soft cloth.


Newspaper and cotton swab

Use this method for clean and access hard corners and mirror edges. Just put a cotton swab in your cleaner dilution and drag it into an area that is inaccessible then dry mirrors with newspaper.



Mix some lime juice with water then clean your mirror and unload from bad smells.


More shine with tuner

You can use al kind of tuner for cleaning your mirrors, pour some tuners in a spray bottle then clean with newspaper or soft cloth.

Cleaning the mirrors that are not regularly cleaned of dust and stains are much harder. So clean the mirrors at least twice the week.

Don’t let the liquid stay in the edges of the mirror because it can be black and rust.

Read these Wonderful Ways To Clean Smudges On The Mirror and share your ideas with us.

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