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The Effect Of Vitamin B 12 Deficiency On Body


If we want to say about the vitamin B 12 and The Effect Of Vitamin B 12 Deficiency On Body,

Vitamin B12 is soluble like the other vitamins B. this means that vitamins can be soluble in our blood. And the human body can keep this vitamin for 4 years. And the additional vitamin can excretion by the urine.


Vitamin B12 is the biggest and complex structure in the vitamins. We have this vitamin naturally in the meat products and the industrial product is just by the synthesis of bacterial fermentation


Usage of vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is an important and sensitive vitamin for the body. This vitamin is so helpful for the making of red blood cells and fixing the DNA. The human body can make the millions of red blood cells in one minute. Those cells can be without the vitamin B12.


What are the properties and effects of vitamin B12?

1: This vitamin can prevent and cure the Anemia.

2: to help the growth of the child and make them more powerful.

3: Strengthen the heart is the big effect of this vitamin.

4: cure infertility and asthma, migraine.

5: one of the best effects of this vitamin is increasing the energy balance of persons.




Vitamin B12 Deficiency

The body needs lots of different vitamins to live and if we have lack of this vitamin, we will face lots of body problems. The Effect Of Vitamin B 12 Deficiency On Body is so much and can make the anemia or depression.


Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency

1: feeling exhausted

2: low blood pressure

3: Hypothyroidism

4: Infertility and Abortion

5: Dizziness


Diagnosis of vitamin B12 deficiency

The Effect Of Vitamin B 12 Deficiency On Body is always a topic to search and if you have the symptoms of this disease you can be sure by a simple blood test.

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