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Lift Your Face Skin With Amazing Japanese Mask

The Japanese have seen the beauty secrets of their face among their hand for many years. One of the main compositions of Japanese herbs to preserve the beauty is rice. They use different herbs to protect their skin and make different masks for different skin. In this part of best life we have Lift Your Face Skin With Amazing Japanese Mask, stay with us.


The ingredients for Japanese special mask:

1tbsp milk

1tbsp honey and 2tbsp organic rice




Amazing Japanese Mask



For preparing this mask, at first cook rice then mix the cooked rice with boiled milk.

Leave the water of rice aside.

When hot milk and rice mix well add honey.

For using this mask do these steps carefully and wash your face before applying the mask. Then dry your face completely and rub the mask.

After 20 minutes wash your face, now we need the rice water to wash our face. Massage your skin with rice water and then rinse your face.


Well we hope, you get familiar with how to Lift Your Face Skin With Amazing Japanese Mask. The most important properties of this mask have eliminated the wrinkles and dead skin layers and the Japanese use a natural way to lif their skin.

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