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Extraordinary Homemade White Egg Masks

All the people like the omelet and bread. The egg is the famous breakfast and well known among the people. And we make lots of different foods by the egg. And there are lots of skin masks of egg too. we can make lots of different Extraordinary Homemade White Egg Masks and each of them has great properties.


For example, you can use for the dry skins or the dry hair too. they search the skin problems and use this natural masks for them.


For the skin problems:

Brush the egg white mask on your skin

Break the egg and separate the egg white from the yolk. Stir with the mixture until it gets a little thick.



Rub the mask on a cosmetic brush and rub a thin layer on your skin.

Put the tissue paper layer on your face to make a lifting mask.

Again rub another layer of mask on the tissues paper.

Let it dry and if you feel to stretch your skin, rub another layer.

After it completely dry, separate from your skin.

Wash your face and dry with a soft towel.

Use this Extraordinary Homemade White Egg Masks twice a week to remove all your skin acne.




For removing the face extra hair:

You need one egg white, 1 spoon sugar, 2 spoons corn starch.


Pour the egg white into a bowl and stir with a mixture.

Add the cornstarch to your egg white.

Rub the mask on your face and let to be there for 20 minutes.

Separate the mask and you will feel a pain in your extra hair and.


If your skin is sensitive, rub an aloe vera gel after the mask. You can use this Extraordinary Homemade White Egg Masks whenever you feel you should remove your extra hair.

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